NACS 2016 Spring Qualifiers

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2016 NACS Spring Qualifiers
CS NA logo re-up.png
League Information
OrganizerRiot Games
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNA
CountryNorth America North America



Qualifying Teams

Place Team
Q Liquid Alogo std.png TL Academy
Astrallogo std.png Astral Authority


1 Vortex forfeited their slot, so three Open Qualifier teams qualify instead of two.
2 Although Astral Authority temporarily renamed to Samadder Gaming between the open qualifier and main event, they competed as Astral Authority in both events.
3 Top Dog Gaming takes over Winterfox's spot through retaining 3/5 players.


  Match 1
   Liquid Alogo std.png TLA 3
   TFBlogo std.png TFB 0
  Match 2
   TDGlogo std.png TDG 2
   Astrallogo std.png Astral 3


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Game Schedule
Round Match Date PST EST CET KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Highlights Discussion
TLA Liquid Alogo std.png
vs. TFBlogo std.png TFB
2016-01-13 18:00 21:00 03:00 11:00 12345 -- -
TDG TDGlogo std.png
vs. Astrallogo std.png Astral
2016-01-13 18:00 21:00 03:00 11:00 12345 -- -

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