NACS 2016 Spring Qualifiers

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2016 NACS Spring Qualifiers
CS NA logo re-up.png
League Information
OrganizerRiot Games
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNA
CountryNorth America North America



Qualifying Teams

Place Team
Q Team Liquidlogo std.png TL Academy
Astral Authoritylogo std.png Astral Authority


Initially Qualified Teams
From Open Qualifier
Team Frostbitelogo std.png Team Frostbite Team Liquidlogo std.png TL Academy
From 2015 NACS Summer Season
Vortexlogo std.png Vortex1 Winterfoxlogo std.png Winterfox
1 Vortex forfeited their slot, so three Open Qualifier teams qualify instead of two.
2 Although Astral Authority temporarily renamed to Samadder Gaming between the open qualifier and main event, they competed as Astral Authority in both events.
3 Top Dog Gaming takes over Winterfox's spot through retaining 3/5 players.


  Match 1
   Team Liquidlogo std.png TLA 3
   Team Frostbitelogo std.png TFB 0
  Match 2
   Top Dog Gaminglogo std.png TDG 2
   Astral Authoritylogo std.png Astral 3


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Game Schedule
Round Match Date PST EST CET KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Highlights Discussion
TLA Team Liquidlogo std.png
vs. Team Frostbitelogo std.png TFB
2016-01-13 18:00 21:00 03:00 11:00 12345 -- -
TDG Top Dog Gaminglogo std.png
vs. Astral Authoritylogo std.png Astral
2016-01-13 18:00 21:00 03:00 11:00 12345 -- -

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