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Moscow Five, abbreviated as M5, is a Russian eSports organization.

Founded in 2001, M5 had roots in Counter-Strike 1.6, WarCraft 3, FIFA, and DotA. In December 2011, Moscow Five recruited the players of Team Empire, who had qualified to compete at IEM Kiev.[1] This team went on to be a dominant force in the European League of Legends scene throughout Season 2. Following the July 2012 arrest of Moscow Five CEO Dmitry "ddd1ms" Smelyi, the organization released its League of Legends team in January 2013 due to lack of funding. [2][3]

The organization acquired the roster of Russian Force in August 2014.


Acquisition of Team Empire

On December 16, 2011, Moscow 5 began their first League of Legends team by recruiting the roster of Team Empire, picking up Alex Ich, Diamondprox, Genja, GoSu Pepper, and Darien. Read more...


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Player Roster

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  • Former
Real Name IGN Position New Team
 Russia  Dmitry Smelyi (ddd1ms)     [[]]      Owner    None
 Russia  Darina Lerua (Rogue LeBeau)     [[]]      Manager    None
 Russia  Konstantin Pikiner (Groove)     [[]]      Coach    Gambit Gaminglogo std.png GMB


  • 2015
2015 Tournament Results
Date Place Event Result Opponent Prize Roster
2015-04-12 Silver.png Sltv logo small.png SLTV StarSeries 2015 Spring Finals 1 : 3 Hard Randomlogo std.png HR ₽ 750,000 StejosCanyaFlashydayruinArchie
2015-03-22 Gold.png Sltv logo small.png SLTV StarSeries 2015 Spring 13 - 1
Round Robin
- StejosCanyaFlashydayruinArchie



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