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{{team_info isdisbanded=Yes |name= Monomaniac eSports |location= United States |image= Monomaniac logo.png |manager= |captain= |website= |sponsor= |twitter= MonoeSports |youtube=monomaniacstv |facebook= |IRC Channel= |player_number= 0 |created= 2011-12-14 |disbanded= 2013-02 |trades= }} Monomaniac eSports was created in 2011. They became well-known after eliminating Moscow Five in the IPL 4 Qualifiers and achieving 4th place at IPL 4, defeating aAa and Curse Gaming. The team originally consisted of ParadoXical, NintendudeX, Pixel, NOthing12eal, and Wild Turtle. zig and ZionSpartan were recruited barely two weeks before IPL 4 to sub for NOthing12eal and Wild Turtle. This roster eventually left when the team was picked up by Team Dynamic. Soon after, Monomaniac signed Choppa In Da Car. The roster was eventually replaced by mTw.NA under the name mMe Ferus in August of 2012. The roster left Monomaniac in October. In December 2012, Mono picked up a new European lineup.


  • 2011
  • 2012
  • January, team disbands.

Player Roster

  • Former


  • Former
Real Name IGN Position New Team
 USA  Christina Laird (Gnomesayin)     [[]]      Team Manager    Team FeaRlogo std.png FeaR
 USA  Andre Rowe (Precise)     [[]]      Chief Executive Officer    None
 USA  Luceo Astrum (Calumon)     [[]]      Chief Information Officer    None
 USA  Wilhelm Lichnock (Kciwwick)     [[]]      LoL Branch Manager    None


as Monomaniac Ferus

  • 2012
2012 Tournament Results
Date Place Event Result Opponent Prize Roster
2012-08-25 5-6th MLG-Logo-Small.png MLG 2012 Summer Championship 0 : 2 Orbit Gaminglogo std.png oRb $ 4,000 AphromooBallsmancloudMuffinqtXmithie



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