Mini Golem

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Mini Golem
Attack Damage:30 (+1.3)
Magic Resistance:-10
Critical Strike Chance:0%
Attack Speed:0.613
Movement Speed:350
Initial Spawn Time:2:05
Respawn Time:1:00(SR) 1:15(TT)
Gold Gain on Kill:30 (+0.23)
Experience Gain on Kill:38 (+1.6)


The Mini Golem is a neutral monster found on both Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline. It is described in-game as "A slow attacking monster that deals large amounts of damage and has a large amount of health." On both maps, it is found in groups of two, one large and one small. Both the large and small versions share a model and animations with the Ancient Golem.


  • Through the tactic of "leashing", it is possible for a bottom lane(blue side) or top lane(purple side) to kill the Golems. Although it had previously been standard for the Blue team's bottom lane to kill them, it has become less popular now due to the increase in the Golems' movement speed making it more difficult to leash.

Patch History

  • Spawn time increased to 2:05 from 1:55


  • Base health reduced to 300 from 500


  • Base Health increased to 500 from 450
  • Health per minute increased to 37 from 25
  • Attack Damage per minute increased to 1.3 from 0.84
  • Gold per minute increased to 0.23 from 0.15
  • Experience per minute increased to 1.6 from 1.08
  • Movement Speed increased to 350 from 300
  • Attack Range increased to 150 from 100
  • Magic Resist reduced to -10 from 0