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Background Information
NameYoon Ha-woon (윤하운)
Country of BirthSouth Korea
BirthdayNovember 16, 1991 (1991-11-16) (age 28)
Teambbq Olivers
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Logo std2.png Extreme Dive Gaming-Feb 2012
NaJin e-mFirelogo std.png NaJinFeb 2012Jun 2012
NaJin Swordlogo std.png NJSWJun 2012May 2013
KT Rolster Arrowslogo std.png KTAMay 2013Oct 2013
CJ Entus Frostlogo std.png CJFOct 2013Jan 2014
PaiN Gaminglogo std.png PNGMay 2014Jun 2014
Coach Icon.png
Team Fusionlogo std.png FSNOct 2014Jan 2015
Bbq OLIVERSlogo std.png bbqNov 2018Current
Coach Icon.png

"MakNooN" (Yoon Ha-woon) is a retired professional League of Legends player who is currently a coach for bbq Olivers in the LCK.


MakNooN was born in November 16, 1991. His career started in 2011 when he joined Extreme Dive Gaming. Even though he has seen every level of competitive League of Legends MakNoon could not win anything significant during his career. He was always one of the starts of every team he has ever been in and received MVP prizes in multiple tournaments.

In 2014, MakNoon decided to take a step back from being player and try out coaching. He started his coaching career in PaiN Gaming and was the coach of Bbq Olivers until recently. Right now, he is continuing his legacy as a coach.

Career History


  • His favorite champions are
    , and
    , especially his impressive
    performance which is being called "Makdalee" among Koreans.[1]
  • First English word he learned was on NA server was "WTF".
  • Had three accounts in the top 25 during season 1(MakNoon, Luise, and Unnamed PC II).
  • Was ranked number 1 in Warhammer 40k.
  • Has a rivalry with Locodoco.
  • To get Chauster back for coming up with the name "Maknoob", Maknoon decided to learn English.
  • Is highly proficient in both top and mid, with a huge repertoire of champions.
  • Known for playing champions that were considered underpowered or underplayed in solo queue during Season 1, such as
  • Represented Korea at the Riot World Invitational held in Las Vegas.[2]
  • His parents began to support his gaming career after he beat MiG Frost (later Azubu Frost, now CJ Entus Frost) to become the Korean representative for WCG 2011 League of Legends. Before that, they were quite opposed to his dream of becoming a professional gamer.
  • His future goal is to travel the world after he retires as a pro gamer.
  • MVP at OLYMPUS Champions Winter 2012-2013, $ 9,195 award.
  • Is known for his trolling playstyle at the Riot World Invitational held in Las Vegas.[2]
  • MakNooN means "The Last smile with eyes" in Korean.
  • Became famous for his
    after joining Team Fusion.


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Date Place Event R Team Result Opponent
2014-01-03 5-8th Ogn logo.png PANDORA.TV Champions 2013-2014 Winter Mid Laner CJ Entus Frostlogo std.png CJF 0 : 3 Samsung Ozonelogo std.png SSO
2013-12-01 Silver.png Esltumbnail.png IEM 8 Singapore Celebrity ARAM Unknown Role Logo std2.png JOE 0 : 1 Logo std2.png jas
2013-06-24 9-10th AMD logo small.png AMD-INVEN GamExperience Top Laner KT Rolster Arrowslogo std.png KTA 0 : 2 VTGlogo std.png VTG.M
2013-05-17 5-8th Ogn logo.png OLYMPUS Champions 2013 Spring Top Laner NaJin Swordlogo std.png NJSW 1 : 3 CJ Entus Frostlogo std.png CJF
2013-04-16 Bronze.png StarsWar League.png GIGABYTE StarsWar League Season 2 Top Laner NaJin Swordlogo std.png NJSW 0 : 3 Invictus Gaminglogo std.png IG
2013-02-15 5-6th ClubMastersLogoSmall.png OGN Club Masters Top Laner NaJin e-mFirelogo std.png NaJin 0-1-1
Round Robin
Date Place Event R Team Result Opponent
2014-12-13 NQ NA LCS 2015 logo small.png NA LCS 2015 Spring Expansion Top Laner Team Fusionlogo std.png FSN 2 : 3 Team Coastlogo std.png CST
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Date Place Event R Team Result Opponent
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Date Place Event R Team Result Opponent
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Date Place Event R Team Result Opponent
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Date Place Event R Team Result Opponent
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Date Place Event R Team Result Opponent


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