MLG Pro Circuit 2013 Winter Championship Qualifier/Promotion

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2013 MLG Winter Championship
League Information
OrganizerMajor League Gaming
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNA
CountryUnited States USA
Start Date2013-02-26
End Date2013-02-28

The North American Summer Promotion Qualifier is an online qualifier organized by Major League Gaming to determine the four teams that will play at MLG Dallas.



  • Sixteen Invited Teams
  • Single Elimination bracket
  • All matches are best of three
  • Top four teams qualify for MLG Dallas

Qualifying Teams

Event Team
Quarterfinalists Dirt Nap Gaminglogo std.png Dirt Nap Gaming
Curse Academylogo std.png Curse Academy
Dignitaslogo std.png Dignitas
Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9


  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Dirt Nap Gaminglogo std.png DnG W
  BYE -
  Dirt Nap Gaminglogo std.png DnG 2
  DVS Sparklogo std.png DVSS 1
  DVS Sparklogo std.png DVSS 2
  UBC eSportslogo std.png UBC 0
  Dirt Nap Gaminglogo std.png DnG Q
  Curse Academylogo std.png CA Q
  Curse Academylogo std.png CA 2
  Logo std2.png Motion Gaming 0
  Curse Academylogo std.png CA 2
  Team TowerDiveTVlogo std.png TDTV 0
  BYE -
  Team TowerDiveTVlogo std.png TDTV W
  Dignitaslogo std.png DIG W
  BYE -
  Dignitaslogo std.png DIG 2
  FXOpen e-Sportslogo std.png FXO 1
  FXOpen e-Sportslogo std.png FXO 2
  Falafel Gaminglogo std.png FLFG 1
  Dignitaslogo std.png DIG Q
  Cloud9logo std.png C9 Q
  Logo std2.png SouLControL 1
  Logo std2.png Reality Check 2
  Logo std2.png Reality Check 0
  Cloud9logo std.png C9 2
  BYE -
  Cloud9logo std.png C9 W

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