MLG Pro Circuit 2012 Summer Championship Qualifiers

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MLG Pro Circuit 2012 Summer Championship Qualifiers
League Information
OrganizerMajor League Gaming

The 2012 MLG Pro Circuit Summer Championship takes place in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA in August. This is the third Major League Gaming Championship event of the 2012 season and the second for League of Legends.


  • Single Elimination
  • Top four teams qualify for main offline event
  • All matches are best of three


  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 USA Team Legion
 USA Team Legion 2
 North America Pickleberry 1
 North America Southern Hostility FF
 North America Pickleberry W
 USA Team Legion Q
 USA unRestricted eSports Q
 USA unRestricted eSports 2
 North America Leviathan Gaming 0
 USA unRestricted eSports 2
 North America Infamous Gaming 1
 North America Vish and Delish 0
 North America Infamous Gaming 2
 USA CLG Black
 USA CLG Black 2
 North America jpak and friends 0
 North America BURN3D 0
 North America jpak and friends 2
 USA CLG Black Q
 USA Meat Playground Q
 North America Tree Root Soil 0
 North America Underground Alley 2
 North America Underground Alley 0
 USA Meat Playground 2
 USA Meat Playground

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