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Make a Difference (MAD) Gaming is a Brazilian team.


MAD Gaming was founded in January 2014 by Espeon and Piroxz, aiming to be a completely different team, for players who wanted something new but had no support from traditional organizations, hence the name "Make a Difference". The team participated in minor tournaments, achieving some success, but lost in the Brazilian Champions Series 2014 Qualifiers, falling short of a spot in the tournament, and disbanded shortly after, when Espeon left the team to join KaBuM! e-Sports. The team was reformed some months later, but didn't achieve much success.

2015 Season

In 2015, MAD Gaming participated in the six tournaments of the BRCC 2015 Summer Season, finishing in fifth place in the overall standings and not qualifying to the CBLOL 2015 Winter Promotion. After Fafnyr left the team in April, the team disbanded.

In June, MAD Gaming announced its return with a new logo and new sponsors, but still hasn't announced a roster as of today.




1 Note: Most of 2015 timeline data is based on MAD Gaming's ESL log.[11]

Player Roster




|- |Brazil | Cas |Felipe Camargo |Analyst/Manager |Template:None |- |Brazil | Piroxz |Luis Chavez |Coach/Manager |KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png KaBuM! Orange |- |Brazil | Neki |Vinicius Ghilardi |Coach |INTZ Redlogo std.png INTZ Red |- |Brazil | Vegas |Felipe Magnarello |Manager |Template:None

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-04-13 CBLOL logo small.png I1ZNQ Brazilian Champions Series 2014 Qualifiers 0 : 2 Team awplogo std.png Team awp
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-04-04 A77th Go4LoL BR Monthly Final March 2015 1 : 0 SK e-Sports Blazelogo std.png SK e-Sports Blaze
2015-03-28 A55th Xtreme League March 1 : 0 SLK Gaminglogo std.png SLK Gaming
2015-03-21 A77th Razer Challenge Summer 1 : 0 SK e-Sports Blazelogo std.png SK e-Sports Blaze
2015-03-07 A66th Go4LoL BR Monthly Final February 2015 0 : 1 Keyd Warriorslogo std.png Keyd Warriors
2015-02-21 A55th Xtreme League February 1 : 0 SLK Gaminglogo std.png SLK Gaming
2015-02-07 A22nd Go4LoL BR Monthly Final January 2015 0 : 1 INTZ Redlogo std.png INTZ Red R$ 2,750

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