LoveLoL Autumn Cup

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LoveLoL Autumn Cup
Autumn own3d.jpg
League Information
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerEU
Prize Pool$ 1,500
Start Date2012-10-09
End DateTBD


The LoveLoL Autumn Cup is the first invitational tournament hosted by


  • Eight teams divided into two groups of four
  • Group stage matches are best of three
  • Top two teams of each group advance to single elimination bracket
  • Grand Finals are best of five, while all the other bracket stage matches are best of three

Prize Pool

1,500 US Dollar (~€1100) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize Team
1st $750
2nd $500
3rd $250


Europe (8)
Team ALTERNATElogo std.png Team ALTERNATE Team Curselogo std.png Curse Gaming EU
Tt Dragonslogo std.png Tt Dragons MeetYourMakerslogo std.png MeetYourMakers
Team Acerlogo std.png Team Acer H2k-Gaminglogo std.png H2k-Gaming
LogiXlogo std.png logiX Team GAMED.DElogo std.png Team GAMED.DE


Group Stage

Group A
1. Team ALTERNATElogo std.png Team ALTERNATE 2-0 4-1 6
2. Team Acerlogo std.png Team Acer 1-1 2-2 3
3. Tt Dragonslogo std.png Tt Dragons 1-1 2-2 3
3. LogiXlogo std.png logiX 0-2 1-4 0
Match List
aTn Team ALTERNATElogo std.png 2 1 LogiXlogo std.png logiX
Acer Team Acerlogo std.png 2 0 Tt Dragonslogo std.png TtDragons
logiX LogiXlogo std.png W Tt Dragonslogo std.png TtDragons
aTn Team ALTERNATElogo std.png 2 0 Team Acerlogo std.png Acer
Acer Team Acerlogo std.png 0 0 LogiXlogo std.png logiX
TtDragons Tt Dragonslogo std.png 0 0 Team ALTERNATElogo std.png aTn
Group B
1. Team Curselogo std.png Curse Gaming EU 2-0 4-1 6
1. MeetYourMakerslogo std.png MeetYourMakers 2-0 4-1 6
3. H2k-Gaminglogo std.png H2k-Gaming 0-2 1-4 0
3. Team GAMED.DElogo std.png Team GAMED.DE 0-2 1-4 0
Match List
CRS EU Team Curselogo std.png 2 0 Logo std2.png gamed
H2k H2k-Gaminglogo std.png 0 2 MeetYourMakerslogo std.png MYM
gamed Logo std2.png 1 2 MeetYourMakerslogo std.png MYM
CRS EU Team Curselogo std.png 2 1 H2k-Gaminglogo std.png H2k
H2k H2k-Gaminglogo std.png 0 0 Logo std2.png gamed
MYM MeetYourMakerslogo std.png 0 0 Team Curselogo std.png CRS EU


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