Liandry's Torment

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Liandry's Torment
Liandry's Torment.png
Effects:+80 Ability Power
+300 Health
Passive:Eyes of Pain: +15 Magic Penetration
UNIQUE: Dealing spell damage applies a damage-over-time for 3 seconds that deals bonus magic damage equal to 2% of the target's current Health per second. This bonus damage is doubled against movement-impaired units and capped at 100 damage per second vs. monsters.
Cost:3,200g (750g)
Sell Value:2,030g

Liandry's Torment.png
Haunting Guise.png
Blasting Wand.png

Liandry's Torment is a Legendary Tier item that was introduced in the v1.0.0.152 patch.


  • Liandry's Torment is the type of item you want to use on an AP champion that has the ability to slow or stun their target. Rumble, Zac, Anivia, and Sejuani would be good examples.


  1. Defense>Health
  2. Magic>Ability Power

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Patch History


TOTAL cost : 3000 gold 3200 gold
BUILD path : Haunting Guise + Blasting Wand + 750 gold

Cost increased. Recipe now includes a Blasting Wand over Amp Tome. Ability power increased.

"While Liandry's was initially marketed as a high-health / low magic resistance shredder, its low ability power frequently held back a lot of mages. Pushing the power of Liandry's to be a more competitive purchase might see a resurgence in proc-focused mages. Excitement! "
  • TOTAL COST : 2900 gold 3000 gold
  • RECIPE : Haunting Guise + Amplifying Tome + 980 gold Haunting Guise + Blasting Wand + 650 gold
  • ABILITY POWER : 50 80


  • Ability power reduced to 50 from 60
  • Damage per second increased to 2% from 1.66%
  • Damage-over-time and multi-target spells no longer have reduced effect
  • Fixed damage effect not being properly reapplied on targets that already have it


  • Health increased to 300 from 200
  • Ability power reduced to 60 from 70

v1.0.0.152 Liandry's Torment added

  • +70 Ability Power
  • +200 Health
  • Unique Passive - Eyes of Pain: +15 Magic Penetration
  • Unqiue Passive: Dealing spell damage bruns enemies for 5% of their current health as magic damage over 3 seconds. If their movement is impaired, they take double damage from this effect. (Half duration for multi-target or periodic effects, 300 max vs. monsters)
  • Cost: 2,900 (980)
  • Builds from Haunting Guise and Amplifying Tome

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