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Background Information
NameBalázs Farkas
Country of BirthHungary
BirthdayAugust 10, 1993 (1993-08-10) (age 26)
RoleMid Laner
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Against All authoritylogo std.png aAaJun 2013Aug 2013
Eternity Gaminglogo std.png EternitySep 2013Sep 2013
Wonder Stag e-Sportslogo std.png WSENov 2014Nov 2014
"LegoMyEgo" (Real Name: Balázs Farkas) is a retired Hungarian League of Legends player, formerly a Mid Laner for Wonder Stag e-Sports.


He has been playing League since early 2010 with his friends. He reached Platinum rating in season one on the NA server as 'ImSoSexual', after season 2 started he moved to the EU servers where he started playing under his current nickname. Before League he played Counter-Strike 1.6, he started playing online games at around the age of 9.

Career History


  • His favourite champion is  Anivia
  • He used to play  Ashe mid at the beginning of his LoL career.


  • 2013
Date Place Event R Team Result Opponent
2013-09-04 5-8th EUW Challenger Series.png EUWCS Week 12 Cup Mid Laner Eternity Gaminglogo std.png Eternity 0 : 2 Logo std2.png Haydals fightclub
2013-07-13 5-8th Gfinity Small.png Gfinity London 2013 Mid Laner Against All authoritylogo std.png aAa 1 - 2
Round Robin
2013-07-02 5-8th EUW Challenger Series.png EUWCS Week 8 Cup Mid Laner Against All authoritylogo std.png aAa 1 : 2 Milleniumlogo std.png M
2013-06-08 Bronze.png NoLeague.png International Invitational Tournament Mid Laner Against All authoritylogo std.png aAa 2 : 0 Mousesportslogo std.png mouz
2013-03-18 7-8th Tsm25.png Solomid EU Tournament Circuit Invitational 2 Mid Laner Logo std2.png Bonjwas FF : W PunchLine Esport Clublogo std.png pLine