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December 2014
December 31st
Team Impulselogo std.png TiP WizFujiiN joins.
PEXlogo std.png PEX Previous roster disbands. FraGio, Megajp, WhiteLotus and BlackLotus leave.
December 30th
Enemylogo std.png NME Flaresz joins.
File:Satori Redlogo std.png Satori.R Zelos leaves. H4ckerv2, BlizzardXD and Nurak join.
Milleniumlogo std.png M Spirit Squeeze leaves.
Team ROCCATlogo std.png ROC Ducky joins as coach and foo sharp joins as assistant coach.
December 29th
Final Fivelogo std.png F5 ShorterACE leaves.
December 28th
Final Fivelogo std.png F5 Veritas joins.
Isuruslogo std.png ISG MANTARRAYA leaves PEXlogo std.png PEX and joins Isuruslogo std.png Isurus.
LMS 2016 logo.png LMS DarlingYoulogo std.png DarlingYou, TeamHopeLesslogo std.png TeamHopeLess, and No Game No Lifelogo std.png No Game No Life qualify for the 2015 LMS Spring.
Gleaguelogo small.png GLeague size=24pxEDward Gaminglogo std.png EDward Gaming Silver.pngTeam Kinglogo std.png Team King in G-League 2014.
TLC logo small.png TLC size=24pxThirsty Chinchillaslogo std.png Thirsty Chinchillas Silver.pngISg Legendslogo std.png iSg Legends in 2014 TLC Winter.
December 27th
LMS 2016 logo.png LMS Ahq e-Sports Clublogo std.png ahq e-Sports Club and Yoe Flash Wolveslogo std.png yoe Flash Wolves qualify for the 2015 LMS Spring.
December 26th
Team Impulselogo std.png TiP LMQlogo std.png LMQ rebrands to Team Impulselogo std.png Team Impulse. Rush, XiaoWeiXiao, and Adrian join.
An Phat Ultimatelogo std.png APU Crit joins.
LMS 2016 logo.png LMS Hong Kong Esportslogo std.png Hong Kong Esports qualifies for the 2015 LMS Spring.
December 25th
File:Satori Redlogo std.png Satori.R LiquidDiego leaves.
LMS 2016 logo.png LMS Taipei Assassinslogo std.png Taipei Assassins and Logitech G Sniperslogo std.png Logitech G Snipers qualify for the 2015 LMS Spring.
Masters 3logo std.png M3<br>Team WE Academylogo std.png WEA Team WE Academylogo std.png Team WE Academy is no longer affiliated with Team WElogo std.png Team WE and forms Masters 3logo std.png Masters 3. Looper, Ruo, dade, SmLz, xr, Soist and Candy leave.
December 24th
Dash9 Gaminglogo std.png Dash9 4zeer0 joins.
ESubalogo std.png eSuba Dejv leaves.
December 23rd
Team WE Futurelogo std.png WEF Team WE Futurelogo std.png Team WE Future is officialy formed. 957, Khan, OldB, Tianz, Cheng, Q and Savo join.
CompLexity Gaminglogo std.png coL Westrice leaves.
PEXlogo std.png PEX FraGio and Megajp rejoin. WhiteLotus and BlackLotus join.
Dash9 Gaminglogo std.png Dash9 Sogo joins.
Kaos Latin Gamerslogo std.png KLG Clatos and God leave. Juliostito, El Reginaldo, ZeicrØ and BearJew join.
LGD Gaminglogo std.png LGD Flame joins.
KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png KaBuM O Team is renamed to KaBuM! e-Sportslogo std.png KaBuM! Orange. Eryon joins as the starting support. dans moves to Jungle. Danagorn moves to KaBuM! Blacklogo std.png KaBuM! Black. esA joins as the coach/sub.
KaBuM! Blacklogo std.png KaBuM B SkyBart, Danagorn and Goku join while Poring leaves. Jukaah joins as the coach.
December 22nd
Team ANGlogo std.png ANG Previous roster is released. Guishe, Murdoc, rhOm, latinosky, BioRevenge and kanix leave.
Dash9 Gaminglogo std.png Dash9 Jirall joins.
File:Team DKlogo std.png DK Limit and ViigejBoBoBoBo join.
Bangkok Titanslogo std.png BKT InTreso leaves.
December 21st
Esltumbnail.png IEM size=24pxGambit Gaminglogo std.png Gambit Gaming Silver.pngCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming in IEM IX Cologne.
WGT logo small.png WGT size=24pxLGD Gaminglogo std.png LGD Gaming Silver.pngGamteelogo std.png Gamtee in WGT 2014.
Dash9 Gaminglogo std.png Dash9 Kraki joins.
EU LCS logo small.png EU LCS Giants Gaminglogo std.png Giants Gaming qualifies for the 2015 EU LCS Spring Split.
December 20th
JAYOB e-Sportslogo std.png JAYOB Eryon leaves.
EU LCS logo small.png EU LCS H2k-Gaminglogo std.png H2k-Gaming qualifies for the 2015 EU LCS Spring Split.
December 19th
Roarlogo std.png RR Chaox, Yuno, Inori, Lactea and Xiasu join as players. Mirkie joins as Head Coach and Froskurinn joins as Assistant Coach.
Tesla Gaminglogo std.png Tesla xpng leaves. Zeypher, iDrakxo and Lanzer Hyata join.
BrawL eSportslogo std.png BrawL Zeypher leaves.
Dash9 Gaminglogo std.png Dash9 Oddie joins.
SK Telecom T1logo std.png SKT Impact leaves.
December 18th
Energy Pacemaker.Alllogo std.png EPA SuperCat leaves.
JAYOB e-Sportslogo std.png JAYOB esA leaves.
Invictus Gaminglogo std.png IG KaKAO and RooKie join. Mafa and PoohManDu join as coaches.
December 17th
BMCup Small.png BMC size=24pxEnemylogo std.png Enemy Silver.pngLogo std2.png Glory Eternal in 2014 Black Monster Cup NA Winter.
Team Mistrallogo std.png MTL Team Mistrallogo std.png Team Mistral reforms with a new roster. Xyraz, Rawbin, Miah, Achuu and Visdom join.
ESubalogo std.png eSuba Miah leaves.
Team Turqualitylogo std.png TT Zergsting leaves.
Origenlogo std.png OG Amazing, mithy, and Zvanillan join.
Energy Pacemaker.Alllogo std.png EPA Amel, GimGoon, BuPing, RalnesYoga, loveletter, DomhoX, SuperCat and Ana2k join. Ana2k and RalnesYoga will still coach Energy Pacemakerlogo std.png Energy Pacemaker.
Positive Energylogo std.png PE 17 is transferred from LGD Gaminglogo std.png LGD Gaming to Positive Energylogo std.png Positive Energy.
Young Glorylogo std.png YG illuSioN is transferred from Invictus Gaminglogo std.png Invictus Gaming to Young Glorylogo std.png Young Glory.
December 16th
Team ROCKlogo std.png ROCK Jokieez and Tabasko replace ArQuel and Wodziak.
December 15th
PaiN Gaminglogo std.png PNG Lactea and Olleh leave.
Esltumbnail.png IEM Dolphins of Wall Streetlogo std.png Dolphins of Wall Street replaces Moscow Fivelogo std.png Moscow Five at IEM Season IX - Cologne.
December 14th
NA LCS 2017 logo small.png NA LCS Team Coastlogo std.png Team Coast qualifies for the 2015 NA LCS Spring Split.
 EGLI size=24pxTeam ANGlogo std.png Team ANG in Elite Gamers League International.
Epssmalllogo.png EPS size=24pxLogo std2.png ducks Silver.pngN!facultylogo std.png n!faculty in ESL Pro Series Germany Winter.
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot size=24pxChoke Gaminglogo std.png Choke Gaming Silver.pngFM eSportslogo std.png FM eSports in 4 Nations Tournament.
ATLAS eSports Teamlogo std.png Atlas jer0m leaves Team SalsaLoLlogo std.png Team SalsaLoL and joins ATLAS eSports Teamlogo std.png ATLAS eSports Team.
Milleniumlogo std.png M Milleniumlogo std.png Millenium disbands. kev1n, Ryu, Creaton, and Jree leave.
December 13th
Esltumbnail.png IEM Moscow Fivelogo std.png Moscow Five won't attend to IEM Season IX - Cologne due to visa issues.
Team Curselogo std.png CRS FeniX joins.
NA LCS 2017 logo small.png NA LCS Curse Academylogo std.png Curse Academy qualifies for the 2015 NA LCS Spring Split.
Demacia Cup logo small.png DC size=24pxEDward Gaminglogo std.png EDward Gaming Silver.pngTeam WElogo std.png Team WE in Demacia Cup Season 2.
December 12th
Aces High Esports Clublogo std.png AH ReostA leaves. Lethilion becomes the team's coach.
Esltumbnail.png IEM Taipei Assassinslogo std.png Taipei Assassins qualifies for IEM Season IX - Taipei.
December 11th
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot  Rek'Sai has been enabled.
Bencheados de KLGlogo std.png BKLG Organization dissolves.
Isuruslogo std.png ISG Badmilk leaves PEXlogo std.png PEX and joins Isuruslogo std.png Isurus.
Oh My Godlogo std.png OMG Cool re-signs. Uzi leaves Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Star Horn Royal Club and joins Oh My Godlogo std.png Oh My God.
December 10th
H2k-Gaminglogo std.png H2k Pr0lly joins as coach.
NA LCS 2017 logo small.png NA LCS Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming is fined $10,000 for violating LCS rules.
BMCup Small.png BMC size=24pxH2k-Gaminglogo std.png H2k-Gaming Silver.pngSK Gaming Primelogo std.png SK Gaming Prime in 2014 Black Monster Cup Europe Winter.
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot Patch v4.21 is released.
Keyd Starslogo std.png kStars DayDream and Emperor join while brTT, Rafes and Shini leave.
LGD Gaminglogo std.png LGD Acorn joins.
Esltumbnail.png IEM Ahq e-Sports Clublogo std.png ahq e-Sports Club qualifies for IEM Season IX - Taipei.
December 9th
CompLexity Gaminglogo std.png coL compLexity.Black and compLexity.White disband, and the organization forms a single roster again.
KaBuM! Blacklogo std.png KaBuM B ReSEt leaves.
EES logo small.png EES size=24pxKolejny Cioslogo std.png Kolejny Cios Silver.pngVoid Gaminglogo std.png Void Gaming in ESL Euro Series Winter 2014.
Europe LCSlogo std.png EU LCS Nukeduck and Mithy are unbanned from competitive play.
December 8th
CNB e-Sports Clublogo std.png CNB Djokovic joins as coach.
JAYOB e-Sportslogo std.png JAYOB theusma joins. The Foxz becomes a sub.
Furious Gaminglogo std.png FG Uri joins.
Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.png CLG Link re-signs. Xmithie joins. Thinkcard will sub for IEM Cologne.
MeetYourMakerslogo std.png MYM<br>SUPA HOT CREWlogo std.png SHC MeetYourMakers acquires the roster of SUPA HOT CREW. Mimer, H0R0, SELFIE, MrRalleZ, and Nisbeth join.
Milleniumlogo std.png M H0R0 leaves.
Hong Kong Esportslogo std.png HKES Park "Kingdom" Yong Wook joins as coach.
December 7th
Esltumbnail.png IEM size=24pxCloud9logo std.png Cloud9 Silver.pngUnicorns Of Lovelogo std.png Unicorns Of Love in IEM IX San Jose.
LVP logo small.png LVP size=24pxGiants Gaminglogo std.png Giants Gaming Silver.pngTeam SalsaLoLlogo std.png Team SalsaLoL in LVP Season 7.
Ieflogo small.png IEF size=24px South Korea South Korea Silver.png China China in International e-Culture Festival.
Neso small.png NESO size=24pxEDward Gaminglogo std.png EDward Gaming Silver.pngLGD Gaminglogo std.png LGD Gaming in National Electronic Sports Open.
Snake.Qlogo std.png Snake.Q Beast and Ella join.
December 6th
Boba Marineslogo std.png BM Mindgame joins, Augustus becomes a sub.
Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png SHRC ackerman(now GodLike) rejoins.
Team WE Academylogo std.png WEA dade and Looper join.
December 5th
Vici Gaminglogo std.png VG Homme joins as coach.
GEC logo small.png GEC size=24pxTeam Kinglogo std.png Team King Silver.pngStar Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Star Horn Royal Club in 2014 GALAXY eSports Carnival.
Fnaticlogo std.png FNC xPeke leaves and Cyanide retires.
Team WElogo std.png WE Spirit joins.
December 4th
Against All authoritylogo std.png aAa Spontexx, Extinxiion, Jbzz, Brigels and Chinà join.
Esltumbnail.png IEM Team ROCCATlogo std.png Team ROCCAT takes Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic's spot at IEM Season IX - Cologne.
Dignitaslogo std.png DIG Gamsu and Core JJ join.
Team WElogo std.png WE Styz is transferred from Energy Pacemaker.Alllogo std.png Energy Pacemaker.All to Team WElogo std.png Team WE.
December 3rd
Vici Stand Gaminglogo std.png VG.S Vasilii joins.
December 2nd
INTZ e-Sports Clublogo std.png ITZ Revolta joins while Djokovic leaves.
CJ Entuslogo std.png CJ Flame leaves. Ambition moves to jungle.
EDward Gaminglogo std.png EDG PawN joins.
December 1st
Invictus Gaminglogo std.png IG Save leaves NaJin White Shieldlogo std.png NaJin White Shield and joins Invictus Gaminglogo std.png Invictus Gaming.<br>Fly leaves Jin Air Green Wingslogo std.png Jin Air Green Wings and joins Invictus Gaminglogo std.png Invictus Gaming.
Riot Games Inc.logo std.png Riot sjokz leaves ESL and joins Riot Games Inc.logo std.png Riot Games Inc. as host for the EU LCS. <br>Deman leaves Riot Games Inc.logo std.png Riot Games Inc. and joins ESL. Deman and Joe Miller won't be casting the 2015 Season EU LCS.
H2k-Gaminglogo std.png H2k Brokenshard joins as coach for the Expansion Tournament.