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October 2013
October 31st
Team SoloMidlogo std.png TSM Altec joins Team SoloMid as a substitute.
CompLexity Gaminglogo std.png coL Lautemortis steps down as starter jungler for compLexity Gaming.
October 30th
Mineskilogo std.png Mineski Ced joins as new team captain and mid laner, Sepi joins as new top laner, whileYume and Snoy moves as substitute.
GF-Gaminglogo std.png GF ArQuel, TakeFun, Krykiet, Leofromkorea and Szychu joinGF-Gaming.
Kuala Lumpur Hunterslogo std.png KLH JaeYoong rejoins Kuala Lumpur Hunters.
VVv Gaminglogo std.png vVv vVv Gaming acquires the roster of Team VEX. Dr Snugglez, CheesdBeluga,PorpoisePops, Godshu, and Tails join.
October 29th
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot Patch V3.13 is released.
October 28th
Cloud9logo std.png C9 Alex Penn leaves Cloud 9, while Dan Dinh joins as Coach.
Team Coastlogo std.png CST DontMashMe leaves Team Coast.
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot size=24pxCNB e-Sports Club Silver.pngpaiN Gaming Bronze.pngIsurus Gaming Argentina in the Brazil Game Show - International Challenge 2013
Napkins in Disguiselogo std.png NiD Brunch joins Napkins in Disguise, Flappy Bearfish moves to sub.
October 27th
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot size=24pxCopenhagen Wolves Silver.pngTeam Dignitas UK Bronze.pngTCM-Gaming in the International Invitational Tournament 2.
October 24th
 ESL ESS size=24pxAnexis eSports Silver.pngHeroes Team in the ESL Euro Series Summer 2013.
October 23rd
Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.png CLG Chauster retires and bigfatlp is moved to sub.
October 22nd
Yoe Flash Wolveslogo std.png yoe.FW NL and HueiYun join.
October 21st
Team SoloMidlogo std.png TSM Wingsofdeathx and Dan Dinh leave.
Yoe Flash Wolveslogo std.png yoe.FW yoe Flash Wolves reforms. Steak, Maooo, Maple, Dee andSwordArt join.
October 20th
CGA LEGENDslogo std.png CGA Ls Wish leaves Cyber Games Arena LEGENDs.
Team SoloMidlogo std.png TSM Ninjaken joins Team Solomid as a substitute.
October 18th
Team Dignitas UKlogo std.png DUK DxAlchemist joins Team Dignitas UK.
Pulse Esportslogo std.png Pulse ORO h7 and Nicker leave, while Broetoe and Doris join.
October 16th
Team Vulcunlogo std.png V Team Vulcun will now play under new name, XDG Gaming.
October 15th
Ninjas in Pyjamaslogo std.png NiP mrRalleZ joins Ninjas in Pyjamas as a substitute.
Gamania Bearslogo std.png GAB Gamania Bears disband.
October 14th
Copenhagen Wolveslogo std.png CW Forg1ven and Amazing join, while Shook leaves.
COGnitive Gaminglogo std.png COG Zaineking joins, while Valkrin leaves.
Xenics Stormlogo std.png X Storm New roster consists of GimGoon, Swift, CoCo, Arrowand Piccaboo.
Xenics Blastlogo std.png X Blast New roster consists of Ripper, Pinch, ManyReason, Ohq andBoink.
CJ Entus Frostlogo std.png CJF CloudTemplar retires.
Team LoLPrologo std.png LoLPro Demunlul joins as AD.
Team Curselogo std.png CRS Cop leaves Team LoL Pro and becomes the starting AD for Team Curse.Quas joins.
Gold Gaming LAlogo std.png ggLA Quas leaves.
October 13th
LPLogoBook25x25.png LP Xmithie is the 30px Best Lee Sin NA in Best Lee Sin NA Tournament.
To Be Determinedlogo std.png TBD heavenTime steps down to become a substitute. Brokenshard joins To Be Determined as a jungler.
Team Curselogo std.png CRS Pobelter and aphromoo are released from Team Curse.
Royal Clublogo std.png RYL Wh1t3zZ and Tabe retire.
October 12th
SK Telecom T1 2logo std.png SKT 2 SK Telecom announces new roster for 2nd team, SK Telecom T1 2. MaRin,Beelzehan, Easyhoon, Bang, and Wolf join.
Dignitaslogo std.png DIG TheRealKiWiKiD moves to substitute.
October 11th
Taipei Assassinslogo std.png TPA Lilballz retires.
Singapore Sentinelslogo std.png SGS KRYONICS joins Singapore Sentinels while hyhy leaves.
CJ Entus Frostlogo std.png CJF MakNooN joins CJ Entus Frost as a mid laner.
October 10th
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot  jinx is released.
Mineskilogo std.png Mineski Kaigu leaves.
October 8th
Heroes Teamlogo std.png Heroes Heroes Team acquires ex-GF-Gaming line-up. Jookiez, Elendix,Kikis, Woolite and Sebekx join.
October 7th
Team Curselogo std.png Crs Pobelter, Aphromoo and Zekent join Team Curse, whileIWillDominate moves to the Jungle. Saintvicious steps down to become coach.
Team LoLPrologo std.png LoLPro Cop, NyJacky, Cruzerthebruzer and TrickZ join Team LoL Pro.
To Be Determinedlogo std.png TBD Arthelon rejoins To Be Determined, while Zekent leaves.
Pulse Esportslogo std.png Pulse Archie and Slyv3r join Pulse Esports.
Team Turquality BLUElogo std.png TTB EowiElwind joins Team Turquality BLUE.
KT Rolster Arrowslogo std.png KTA MakNooN leaves KT Rolster Arrows. Riris, Renewal, Most 3join while ssumday is moved from KT Rolster Bullets to become the Arrows Top Laner.
KT Rolster Bulletslogo std.png KTB
October 5th
Reason Gaminglogo std.png RG Reason Gaming acquires the roster of K-Rnage eSports. Dex, Kaitany,RazayeL, Byousoku Go, and Kyoù join.
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot size=24pxSK Telecom T1 Silver.pngRoyal Club in the Season 3 World Championship.
CJ Entus Frostlogo std.png CJFCJ Entus Blazelogo std.png CJB Helios moves to CJ Entus Frost. Daydream, BaeMe and 토 피 join CJ Entus Blaze while Hermes leaves.
October 4th
Fidelislogo std.png Fidelis Fidelis reforms the team, Niko44, Virus, Kronopes, Yes im Celend and Livingston join.
October 2nd
Curse Academylogo std.png CA Tsatsulow joins Curse Academy.
October 1st
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot Patch V3.12 is released.
Nacl small.png NACL North American Challenger League announces $35k Challenger Season.
To Be Determinedlogo std.png TBD Bubbadub joins To Be Determined.