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August 2013
August 31st
Ogn logo.png OGN size=24pxSK Telecom T1 Silver.pngKT Rolster Bullets Bronze.pngMVP Ozone Copper.pngCJ Entus Frost in HOT6iX Champions Summer 2013
August 29th
Milleniumlogo std.png M ImSoFresh leaves Millenium.
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot size=24pxGamania Bears Silver.pngTaipei Snipers Bronze.png Wayi Spider in S3 Taiwan Regional Finals
GPL logo small.png GPL size=24pxahq e-Sports Club Silver.pngTaipei Assassins in 2013 GPL Championship
August 28th
JAG Stealthslogo std.png JAS ŁØAÐ and ActScene leave Jin Air Greenwings Stealths.
JAG Falconslogo std.png JAF Raven leaves Jin Air Greenwings Falcons.
PaiN Gaminglogo std.png PNG Espeon leaves paiN Gaming.
August 27th
Pulse Esportslogo std.png Pulse Nzq leaves Pulse Esports.
August 25th
GGLA logo small.png ggLA size=24pxDenial Esports Silver.pngTo Be Determined Bronze.pngCOGnitive Gaming in ggLA Challenger Arena 3
Insomnia logo small.png Insomnia size=24pxMillenium Silver.pngReason Gaming Bronze.pngTeam Dignitas UK Copper.pngAnimate eSports in Insomnia49 Summer 2013
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot size=24pxFnatic Silver.pngLemondogs Bronze.pngGambit Gaming Copper.pngEvil Geniuses in LCS Europe Season 3 Summer Playoffs
August 24th
NLB Logo Small.png NLB size=24pxNaJin Black Sword Silver.pngIncredible Miracle 2 Bronze.pngNaJin White Shield Copper.pngJin Air Greenwings Falcons in GIGABYTE NLB Summer 2013
August 23rd
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot Silver.pngpaiN Gaming SF.pngDark Passage SF.pngTeam Immunity in Riot Season 3 International Wildcard Tournament
August 22nd
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot size=24pxCopenhagen Wolves Silver.pngKiedyś Miałem Team SF.pngAT Gaming SF.pngTCM-Gaming in Gamescom 2013 Spring Promotion Qualifier
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot Patch V3.10a is released.
August 21st
Milleniumlogo std.png M Dioud joins Millenium as support.
August 20th
AT Gaminglogo std.png AT Gaming Janitin, Doris, Spike Nike, Slyv3r and Mille Fiori join AT Gaming. Previous roster disbands.
Kiedys Mialem Teamlogo std.png KMT VandeRnoob replaces SuperAZE.
DragonBornslogo std.png DB DragonBorns disband.
Pulse Esportslogo std.png Pulse R3dz0r joins Pulse Esports.
August 18th
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot size=24pxMineski Silver.pngSingapore Sentinels Bronze.pngSaigon Jokers in Season 3 Southeast Asia Regional Finals
Epssmalllogo.png EPS size=24pxcompLexity Gaming Silver.pngDenial Esports Bronze.pngCurse Academy in National ESL Pro Series Season VII
August 16th
Pulse Esportslogo std.png Pulse Nzq, Nicker, Shushei and ORO h7 join Pulse Esports.
August 13th
Animate eSportslogo std.png aN Vizicsacsi, Akilord, Samwise12, Akamezz and Staven are released. Animate eSports acquires roster of 2 Asians 3 Randoms. Instinctiv, NinjaWeasel, DxAlchemist, ChewedUp and B0lt join.
August 12th
GPL logo small.png GPL size=24pxahq e-Sports Club Silver.pngSingapore Sentinels Bronze.pngTaipei Assassins in 2013 GPL Summer
APG logo small.png APG size=24pxLGD Gaming Silver.pngRisingStars Gaming Bronze.pngAll Gamers in APG Premier League Season 2
August 11th
EUW Challenger Series.png EUWCS size=24pxCopenhagen Wolves Silver.pngTeam Dignitas UK in EUW Challenger Series Week 11 Cup
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot size=24pxExile Silver.pngMineski Bronze.pngManila Eagles in Season 3 Philippines Finals
August 9th
Tsm25.png Solomid size=24pxKeyd Team Silver.pngCNB e-Sports Club Bronze.pngNex Impetus in SoloMid BR Invitational 1
August 7th
EUW Challenger Series.png EUWCS size=24pxCopenhagen Wolves Silver.pngSmart People in EUW Challenger Series Week 10 Cup
ESubalogo std.png eSuba Baxtrix joins eSuba.
August 4th
LCS Thai logo small.png LCSTHAI size=24pxBangkok Titans Silver.pngMiTH Flashdive Bronze.pngTeam Infinite Copper.pngBlackbean in 2013 LCS Thailand Championship
August 3rd
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot size=24pxLyon Gaming (2013) Silver.pngTeam LoL Cave in Season 3 Latin America Regional Finals
size=24pxONE FOR ONE Silver.pngH2k-Gaming SF.pngGLHF team SF.pngRCTIC eSports in Assembly Summer 2013
August 2nd
Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.png CLG NydusHerMain joins Counter Logic Gaming as substitute.
Riot 2019 logo small.png Riot size=24pxLyon Gaming (2013) Silver.pngArenales Net Games Bronze.pngDash9 Gaming Copper.pngTico Gamers in Latin American North Qualifiers
August 1st
Gambit Gaminglogo std.png GMB Voidle replaces Darker on Gambit Gaming.