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September 2012
  • Sept 30th
size=24pxOrbit Gaming Silver.pngmMe Ferus Bronze.pngTeam Dynamic in Solomid NA Invitational 11
  • Sept 29th
size=24pxInvictus Gaming Silver.pngAll Gamers Bronze.pngPhoenix in PLL Challenge
  • Sept 28th
Salce joins Curse Gaming.
  • Sept 27th
size=24pxTeam WE Silver.pngInvictus Gaming Bronze.pngSpiritMoon in Ultimate Game Tournament
Champion  Kha'Zix released.
  • Sept 26th
size=24pxFnaticRC in 4Players.de All or Nothing 6
  • Sept 25th
Curse Gaming EU replaces Sleper and xinec with SuperAZE and Creaton.
  • Sept 24th
Team Alternate acquires the roster of Team Eloblade. ForellenLord, Kerp, Kottenx, Metalx, and Leofromkorea join.
  • Sept 23rd
size=24pxMillenium Silver.pngx6tence Bronze.pngGIANTS! Gaming Copper.pngGSU Gaming in DreamHack Valencia 2012
size=24pxmMe Ferus Silver.pngTeam SoloMid Bronze.pngAbsolute Legends NA in Solomid NA Invitational 10
  • Sept 22nd
size=24pxFnaticRC in Fight for Pride Promo
Dax and Candy Panda leave mousesports.
  • Sept 21st
size=24pxCurse Gaming EU in 4Players.de All or Nothing 5
size=24pxNaJin Sword Silver.pngAzubu Blaze in Season Two Korean Regional Finals
Team Alternate disbands.
AbsoluteLegends.Omega disbands.
  • Sept 18th
Hiro leaves NaJin Shield.
  • Sept 17th
size=24pxCurse Gaming EU in EmpireTV Challenge
  • Sept 16th
LamiaZealot leaves FnaticRC.
size=24pxmMe Ferus Silver.pngTeam Dynamic Bronze.pngMeat Playground in Solomid NA Invitational 9
  • Sept 15th
Monomaniac Ultimus disbands.
  • Sept 13th
ShLaYa leaves Eclypsia.Solaris.
Team Acer.PL disbands.
  • Sept 12th
Spellsy, ROBERTxLEE, YoDa, Zekent, and Slooshi join Absolute Legends NA.
  • Sept 10th
Fzzf joins Team WE.
Adren4lin, Lyumi, and Amazing join Team Acer.
  • Sept 9th
size=24pxMousesports Silver.pngCurse Gaming EU in aAa Pro Challenge
size=24pxInvictus Gaming Silver.pngMVP White Bronze.pngOMG in CPL Shenyang 2012
size=24pxSaigon Jokers Silver.pngSingapore Sentinels in Season Two South East Asian Regional Finals