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December 2012
  • Dec 31st
mousesports acquires YoungBuck, Prothana, enVision, Warhunter and Kujaa, while the previous roster disbands.
  • Dec 30th
Team MRN acquires ClakeyD, MegaZero, At0mic, ecco, and Heartbeattt.
  • Dec 29th
size=24pxTeam WE Silver.pngPositive Energy Bronze.pngRoyal Club in HPL
  • Dec 28th
LiNk and Aphromoo join Counter Logic Gaming.
CLG Prime renamed back to Counter Logic Gaming.
CLG EU does not re-sign with the Counter Logic Gaming organization.
CLG Black disbands.
Absolute Legends acquires roster of Team Mistral. Nicker, h0rse, HitooN, Tymek, and Trausi join.
  • Dec 27th
size=24pxMillenium in All or Nothing 9
  • Dec 26th
Absolute Legends NA disbands.
  • Dec 23rd
Shiphtur and I am Anjo join Team Dynamic.
size=24pxRoyal Club Silver.pngOMG Bronze.pngLGD Gaming in Gunnar Invitational
  • Dec 22nd
Millenium acquires ImSoFresh, Tabzz, Angush, Haydal, Creaton and FatMamma.
Kappuchu, Apathy, LittlePanda, Xarr, Ron join Manila Eagles.
Fredy122, ShLaYa, Karalius and Nono join against All authority.
  • Dec 21st
EquivocaL leaves Singapore Sentinels.
  • Dec 18th
TheRealKiWiKiD joins Team Dignitas.
FXOpen e-Sports acquires roster of Team Clasik. Navitar, 408, JRTSeven, Daydreamin, Entus, Tsunamiie and SaiXenos join.
  • Dec 16th
size=24pxSK Telecom T1 Silver.pngFnatic SF.pngCJ Entus SF.pngMeetYourMakers in IEM Season VII - Global Challenge Cologne
size=24pxCurse Gaming Silver.pngEx-Quantic Bronze.pngTeam FeaR Copper.pngTeam SoloMid in SoloMid Series - Finals
  • Dec 15th
Westrice leaves Curse Gaming
size=24pxCopenhagen Wolves Silver.pngTeam Acer Bronze.pngSNOGARD Dragons Copper.pngiQuit-Gaming in NorthCon eSports Arena 2012
Anexis eSports acquires roster of EloHell. Overpow, ArQuel, Elendix, Celaver, and Xaxus join.
  • Dec 14th
Patch v1.0.0.153 released.
  • Dec 13th
SK Telecom T1 acquires the roster of Eat Sleep Game. Reapered, H0R0, MighTiLy, UandMe and StarLast join.
  • Dec 11th
Monomaniac forms a European team with Fruity, Sixx, MrRalleZ, LiquidLemon and Zorozero.
Eclypsia disbands.
Angush and Creaton leave Curse Gaming EU.
MoNk3yz, Epyonz and donmuri leave Kuala Lumpur Hunters
  • Dec 10th
JaeYoong and Hagane leave Kuala Lumpur Hunters
size=24pxMoscow Five Silver.pngCurse Gaming EU Bronze.pngGIANTS! Gaming in The Siege
CandyPanda and hyrqBot join SK Gaming while YellOwStaR leaves.
  • Dec 9th
size=24pxFnatic Silver.pngCopenhagen Wolves Bronze.pngTeam ALTERNATE in THOR Open 2012
size=24pxmousesports Silver.pngmates & more Bronze.pngmyRevenge Copper.pngGamed!de in ESL Pro Series Germany - Winter 2012
size=24pxTeam SoloMid Silver.pngCurse Gaming Bronze.pngTeam FeaR in SoloMid Series - Week 6
  • Dec 7th
mousesports acquires the roster of The Mighty Midgets. 760, VandeRnoob, SuperAZE, Gliukoze, and Moopz join while MoMa, Dedrayon, Prothana, Pheilox, and Jwaow leave.
  • Dec 6th
I Will Dominate leaves Team Dignitas.
  • Dec 4th
Patch v1.0.0.152 released.
Quantic Gaming disbands.
Locodoco leaves CLG Prime
  • Dec 2nd
size=24pxTeam WE Silver.pngFnatic Bronze.pngTaipei Assassins Copper.pngMoscow Five in IGN ProLeague Season 5