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Background Information
NameNick De Cesare
Country of BirthUnited States
BirthdaySeptember 15, 1993 (1993-09-15) (age 26)
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Tempo Stormlogo std.png Tempo5/201711/2017
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Bbq OLIVERSlogo std.png bbq12/20185/2019
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"LS" (Nick De Cesare) is an American League of Legends coach and streamer. He was previously the coach for Tempo Storm. He was previously known as "LastShadow"


Born in Rhode Island on September 15, 1993, LS first got into competitive gaming playing Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and SSBM and then transitioning into StarCraft. When he was 18, he permanently moved to South Korea and played with multiple gaming organizations there, living with Samsung (including it was still MVP) for two years. During that time he became close friends with imp, who encouraged him to switch to League of Legends. Though he has never played League competitively, he is Masters on the Korean server and offers coaching services to players and teams.

2014 Season

On May 5th, LS joined European team Supa Hot Crew as a coach.

On August 7th, LS announced that he had not been working with SHC for the past three weeks, though there were no hard feelings between himself and the organization.[1] However, after SHC's loss to ROCCAT in the 2014 EU LCS Summer Playoffs, LS began coaching them again to help them avoid relegation. SHC beat Millenium 3-0 in the fifth-place match and retained their LCS slot.

G2 Scandal

Concurrently, LS had been working with Gamers2, ocelote's team. Ocelote had approached him initially in mid-July, and on July 29th LS began to coach the team, first in preparation for their match against H2k in the EUCS Summer Series 2 playoffs and then in preparation for their match against Unicorns of Love in the Summer Playoffs. Gamers2 beat H2k due to a forfeit but then lost to Unicorns of Love.

Over the next several weeks LS tried to get ocelote or Gamers2 to pay him but was unable to secure payment. In a conversation broadcasted on LS's Twitch stream, ocelote claimed that he was never going to pay LS.[2][3]

On November 3rd, LS offered to give his records of Gamers2's communications and scrim information to any team playing against them, citing several reasons for his decision to do so.[4] The next day, popular comedian and entertainer Sky paid LS the amount owed him by ocelote.[5][6][7]

2015 Season

LS stayed with Supa Hot Crew after their acquisition by Meet Your Makers, however on January 5th his departure from MYM was announced.[8] A few weeks later, right before the start of the NA LCS, LS joined Roar to coach them remotely from Korea.[9] However, after Roar failed to qualify for the NACS, he left the team.[10]

LS joined Gravity Gaming soon after he left Roar, replacing former coach SoulDra.[11] As their head coach, he was required to attend LCS games to assist with the pick/ban phase, and so he commuted biweekly between Seoul, where he still lived, and the United States.[12] One week into the Summer Split, he left the team.[13][14].

2016 Season

Ahead of the 2016 Summer Split, he and Rapid joined SpoTV as their English casting team. For the 2016 World Championship, he and PapaSmithy then became the two English LCK casters chosen by Riot for the English broadcast team.


  • Has been living for several years in South Korea and can this speak and write Korean.
  • "Created" the infamous phrase "Cut the Western shit".
  • Currently gives individual coaching to players and streams League of Legends.
  • When he was 12 years old during his Brood War career, he was caught in at least 2 instances of cheating, once by rigging maps[15] and another by colluding with another player, KawaiiRice, on Ventrilo.[16] However, he earned forgiveness from the community and was unbanned after four years.[17]
  • Is very open to the public and regularly allows people to add him on social media, in game, Skype, etc.
  • Favorite champions are  Shaco,  Ryze, and  Kassadin. At one point he only played  Teemo.
  • Invented the no-boots Kassadin build played by SUPA HOT CREW in the 2014 EU LCS Summer Split.
  • Had a StarCraft APM in the 400s, the fastest of any non-Korean. He is still known for his high APM while playing League of Legends.
  • Played poker for a living.
  • Played Terran and Zerg for Team GosuGamers and Decerto.
  • Won a 2014 SSBM tournament in Seoul against the likes of DoA, MonteCristo, Chobra and StarCraft casters Dan Stemkoski (Artosis), Nick Plott (Tasteless) and Wolf Schroeder held for Artosis' 31st birthday.[18]