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LCK 2016 Spring Playoffs

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2016 LCK Spring Playoffs
League Information
Event TypeOffline
CountrySouth Korea South Korea
Start Date2016-04-13
End Date2016-04-23
StreamsEngSpeaking Azubu Stream
EngSpeaking Twitch Stream
EngSpeaking Youtube Stream
South Korea Azubu Stream
South Korea Afreeca Stream
South Korea Tving Stream
China TGA Stream
France OGaming Stream
Germany Twitch Stream
Vietnam VETV Stream
Hong Kong HKEsports Stream


  • Top 5 teams of the regular season
  • King of the Hill single elimination bracket
  • Round 1 is Best of Three
    Round 2-3 and Finals are Best of Five
  • Best of Three : All 3 Games are Draft Pick
    Best of Five : All 5 Games are Draft Pick
  • Patch information: v6.6


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Prize Pool

₩ 350,000,000 South Korean won are spread among the teams as follows :
PlacePrize (KRW)≈Prize (USD)≈Prize (EUR)Circuit PointsSeedTeam
Gold.png₩ 100,000,000 $ 86,958.41 € 77,461.68 +90MSI 2016SK Telecom T1logo std.png SK Telecom T1
Silver.png₩ 60,000,000 $ 52,175.05 € 46,477.01 +70-ROX Tigerslogo std.png ROX Tigers
Bronze.png₩ 30,000,000 $ 26,087.52 € 23,238.5 +50-KT Rolsterlogo std.png KT Rolster
Copper.png₩ 20,000,000 $ 17,391.68 € 15,492.34 +30-Jin Air Green Wingslogo std.png Jin Air Green Wings
5th₩ 15,000,000 $ 13,043.76 € 11,619.25 +10-Afreeca Freecslogo std.png Afreeca Freecs


AwardPrize (KRW)≈Prize (USD)≈Prize (EUR)Player
Playoffs MVP₩ 5,000,000 $ 4,347.92 € 3,873.08 SK Telecom T1logo std.png  Top Laner Duke


  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Finals
  ROX Tigerslogo std.png ROX 1
  SK Telecom T1logo std.png SKT 3
  KT Rolsterlogo std.png KT 0
  SK Telecom T1logo std.png SKT 3
  SK Telecom T1logo std.png SKT 3
  Jin Air Green Wingslogo std.png JAG 1
  Jin Air Green Wingslogo std.png JAG 2
  Afreeca Freecslogo std.png AFs 0

Playoffs MVP Standings

Getting MVP in the Finals grants 300 points

Place Points Player
1st 500 SK Telecom T1logo std.png  Duke
2nd 300 SK Telecom T1logo std.png  Bang
2nd 300 SK Telecom T1logo std.png  Blank
2nd 300 SK Telecom T1logo std.png  Faker
2nd 300 ROX Tigerslogo std.png  PraY
6th 200 Jin Air Green Wingslogo std.png  Kuzan
7th 100 Jin Air Green Wingslogo std.png  Pilot
7th 100 SK Telecom T1logo std.png  Wolf

Schedule & VODs

Playoffs Schedule
Round Match Date PDT EDT CEST KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Highlights Discussion
Round 1
JAG Jin Air Green Wingslogo std.png
vs. Afreeca Freecslogo std.png AFs
2016-04-13 02:00 05:00 11:00 18:00 123 -- Reddit
Round 2
SKT SK Telecom T1logo std.png
vs. Jin Air Green Wingslogo std.png JAG
2016-04-15 02:00 05:00 11:00 18:00 12345 -- Reddit
Round 3
KT KT Rolsterlogo std.png
vs. SK Telecom T1logo std.png SKT
2016-04-16 02:00 05:00 11:00 18:00 12345 -- Reddit
ROX ROX Tigerslogo std.png
vs. SK Telecom T1logo std.png SKT
2016-04-23 01:00 04:00 10:00 17:00 12345 -- Reddit

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