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Background Information
NameTomas Špiliauskas
Country of BirthLithuania
BirthdayAugust 30, 1986 (1986-08-30) (age 33)
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Logo std2.png Team Tictacs?/2011?/2011
Logo std2.png LTY8/20111/2012
Against All authoritylogo std.png aAa12/20124/2013
Logo std2.png Ray of Deads7/201310/2013
Team Ultra Vireslogo std.png TUV11/20132/2014
"Karalius" (Real Name: Tomas Špiliauskas) is a retired Lithuanian League of Legends player, formerly a Support for Team Ultra Vires.


He started playing video games at a very young age. From early 2003 to late 2008 he played Counter-Strike competitively. With a lot of LAN tournament experience under his belt, he moved on to different games to find his next passion. From mid 2006 he has been making a living playing poker.

In late 2009, Karalius discovered League of Legends, mainly playing on the NA server. Playing a lot of games and improving quickly he found himself playing with the biggest names in the scene: HotShotGG, Reginald, Elementz etc. His normal game ELO at the end of pre-season 1 was ~2300 (according to a bug that allowed you to look at your normal game ELO in the game log files) He played with a team that consisted of members like: fredy122, havoc24 who are quite known in the EU scene right now.

Career History

  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014


  • Reached challenger 3 separate times in season 3.
  • First LCS player from Lithuania.
  • From September 2012, Karalius changed his role from Jungle to Support.
  • His favorite champion is  Sona
  • His  Amumu jungle route was nerfed one week after the video was released.


  • 2013
Date Place Event R Team Result Opponent
2013-12-04 5-8th WePlay logo small.png WePlay LoL Invitational Support Team Ultra Vireslogo std.png TUV 1 : 3 Kiedys Mialem Teamlogo std.png KMT
2013-04-21 6th EU LCS 2013 logo small.png EU LCS S3 Spring Split Support Against All authoritylogo std.png aAa 10 - 18
Round Robin
2013-01-26 Q EU LCS 2013 logo small.png EU LCS S3 Spring Qualifiers Support Against All authoritylogo std.png aAa 2 : 1 DragonBornslogo std.png DB
2013-01-05 Q EU LCS 2013 logo small.png EU LCS S3 Spring Ranked 5s Qualifiers Support Against All authoritylogo std.png aAa 0 : 2 Team ALTERNATElogo std.png aTn



  • 2013