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Founded in 1999 as StarCraft: Brood War team KTF Magics, the team has a proud heritage especially in StarCraft. Labeled by some as the Real Madrid of Brood War, they featured the likes of Reach, future Xenics Storm coach Hong Jin-Ho (YellOw), Lee Yoon-Yeol (NaDa), Kang Min (Nal_rA) and Lee Young-Ho (Flash).

The organization originally consisted of two sister teams,KT Rolster Arrows and KT Rolster Bullets, created on October 10th, 2012.[1] In December 2nd, 2014, LoL Champions Korea was restructured, thus forcing Arrows and Bullets to form a single team. The initial roster for the upcoming 2015 Season include Ssumday, ikssu, Prime, Nagne, Edge, Arrow, Hachani and Fixer.


In Spring, the team finished 5th in the round robin stage and failed to qualify for the playoffs. In the round robin stage of Summer, they ended at 2nd place with a 13W-5L record. They then qualified for the playoffs but lost to SK Telecom T1 and rounding up their Summer Split at 2nd. With the Championship Points the team earned over two splits, they were placed in the Final round of the gauntlet for Regional Finals. After beating Jin Air Green Wings, the team then qualified for the World Championship.

At Worlds, KT Rolster was placed in Group D along with LGD Gaming, Origen and Team SoloMid. They fortunately made it out as #1 seed from their group with a 5-1 standing, only dropping a game against the European team. In the bracket stage, however, KT was seeded against their fellow Koreans KOO Tigers. This ended their run for the Worlds trophy, as they lost to KOO in a 1-3 defeat.

Moving on, the team played their last tournament of the season which is the 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup, where they won against CTU Pathos in the Quarterfinals but lost to CJ Entus in the Semifinals, thus ending at 3rd-4th place.

Prior to the start of the 2016 Season, Fixer, Piccaboo, Edge and Nagne left the team. They then signed Fly and IgNar as starting Mid Laner and Support respectively. Hachani also re-joined the team as the Substitute Support after his short stint with Rebels Anarchy.


In LCK Spring, the team finished 2nd in the regular split. Moving to the playoffs, KT lost to long-time rival SK Telecom T1. In LCK Summer, both KT and SKT have a 13-5 standing but KT lost the head-to-head and were placed at #3 in the ranking. The team was also placed in the 2nd round of the gauntlet and were able to beat Samsung Galaxy. They then faced SKT in the 3rd round and overpowered their rivals, ending the series at 3-2. In the finals, however, KT had their most heartbreaking defeat against ROX Tigers. The series was tied 2-2 but in the 5th game, Score lost a 2hp Baron to Smeb, turning the game around and ending it with KT's defeat. This took their chance to make it straight to Worlds.

Although the team has one more chance through Regional Qualifiers, they were still unable to make it as they lost to Samsung Galaxy. In their last tournament, which is the KeSPA Cup, KT finished at 5th-8th after losing to Ever in the Quarterfinals.

When the time for roster changes came, KT Rolster released both Ssumday and Fly, following Hachani and Arrow's departure from the team. With only Score left from their 2016 roster, KT rebuilt the team by signing Smeb, PawN, Deft and Mata.


Going into LCK Spring, KT Rolster got off to a strong start. However, people were more focused on how this team fares against SK Telecom T1's new line up, which also had an equally strong start of the season. Due to scheduling, both teams would play against each other back to back in the span of 2 weeks. In this el classico telecom war, KT unfortunately lost both match ups against SKT. Since then, the team started slumping a bit and at the end of the regular season, they were in third place, which still earned them a bye into the quarter finals. Going into the playoffs, they were able to get back into form to defeat MVP in the quarter finals and then later Samsung Galaxy in the semi-finals without ever dropping a single match. However, much to the disappointment of their fans, they did not win a single match against their opponent SK Telecom T1, thus ending their spring playoffs in 2nd place and earning 70 circuit points for the 2017 World Championship.

With no roster changes, the team went into the summer season with high expectation that this will be the year that the team goes to Worlds. Throughout the season, the team maintained a fairly strong performance to ultimately finish second at the end of the season. However, there were worrying signs. One is the team's decision making in a long drawn out game where the team often has poor team fighting coordination. Another is that several players, such as PawN and Smeb, no longer have a strong impact as they were in the spring season. This was already apparent during the Rift Rivals as the Chinese teams were able to exploit their Korean counterpart's weaknesses. Still with a 14-4 record at the end of the season, the team still won a bye into the semifinals where they eventually faced SK Telecom T1.

At the semifinals, the team easily won the first two games and were one game away to guarantee to their entry into Worlds based off of circuit points alone. However, due to Faker's strong individual performance and Blank taking on Bengi's old role as a steady hand to raise the team's morale, KT was reversed swept to end their summer season in third place. The team would still go to Worlds if SK Telecom T1 won the summer finals, if not for Longzhu Gaming's unexpected 3-1 victory. This meant the team would have to go through the Regional Finals to secure the third seed spot for Worlds.

KT's combined circuit points placed the team directly in the regional finals where they eventually faced Samsung Galaxy. Unfortunately, the team failed to secure a win against Samsung Galaxy, thus ending their 2017 season.


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