Israeli LoL Championship 2014

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Israeli LoL Championship
Ilc2014 logo.png
League Information
SponsorAOC Gaming
Event TypeOffline
Event ServerEUNE
CountryIsrael Israel
Prize Pool2,100$ (7,300 NIS)

The Israeli LoL Championship 2014 (officially named "Israeli League of Legends National Championship") is the 2014 edition of the largest LoL competition in Israel, the "national championship".


The Israeli League of Legends Championship 2014 is the largest League of Legends tournament ever organized in Israel. The tournament offers an impressive 2,000$ prize pool in cash and Riot Points. The tournament will take place in the city of Rishon Lezion. This tournament is the 2nd LoL Championship to be held offline (2013 edition was an online event), and the 5th Israeli tournament to be held online overall.

All offline tournaments in Israel to the date of the championship and including it, were organized by the same organizer, Winzard.


The tournament is divided into two main stages:

The Qualifiers
The qualifiers of the event is an open tournament, where every israeli resident can participate. The qualifying process takes place online. According to the official website, 61 teams have registered to the qualifiers. The tournament was expected to have at least 128 participating teams, but due to the military conflict Israel was engaging in at the time of the qualifiers, many players did not register.
The qualifiers are played as a single elimination best-of-one tournament. the top 4 teams will qualify to the main event.

The Main Event
The main tournament will consist of the four teams from the qualifiers. The teams will be arranged in a single-elimination tournaments tree based on their seed from the qualifier.
The main tournament will take place in the city of Rishon Lezion. The prize pool is spread among all four teams. All games are best-of-three.

Prize Pool

The 7,300 NIS prize pool consists of cash and RP prize, and is distributed at follows:

Place Cash Prize (NIS) RP Prize (EUR) Team
size=24px 1st ₪ 2,150 € 260
Silver.png 2nd ₪ 1,290 € 195
SF.png3rd ₪ 645 € 130
SF.png4rd ₪ 250 € 64



To be updated when the tournament concludes.


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