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Welcome to the Wiki Tutorial! On this page you will learn the basics for creating/editing a tournament, player or team page. I've constructed the tutorial in a way where if you are ever in need of help, you can always come back to this page to remind yourself how certain wiki codes work. Wiki code is actually very straightforward and in a lot of cases easy to understand. Especially if you've ever worked with any other computer languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, etc. There are some cases where you might have trouble understanding something, but that's where this tutorial comes in. Here are all the things you will learn on this page:

  • Elements for page formatting
  • Parameters for the different elements of a page
  • Simple methods to speed up your work pace and handle easy tasks
  • Helpful tips for the wiki
  • What to do when you need help

Wiki Code Lessons

  • Lesson 1
  • Lesson 2
  • Lesson 3
  • Lesson 4
  • Lesson 5
  • Lesson 6
  • Lesson 7
  • Lesson 8
  • Lesson 9
  • Lesson 10
  • Lesson 11
  • Lesson 12
  • Lesson 13

Creating a Tournament Page

For this lesson, we will assume that the 2018 NA LCS Summer Playoffs page needs to be created. Down below you'll see a picture of the page. Assuming that it hasn't be created yet, the name of the page will be red in the tabs just like how Championship Points is red. In order to start creating it, you have to click the name.


Using the Tournament Page Base

You will be taken to an empty box with no source code in it. You are welcome to use the tournament page base by visiting Natsu/EmptyTournament, clicking on Edit Source at the top right and copy pasting that code onto the page you are trying to create. Obviously you will have to fill in the code and adjust it accordingly, but it's better than starting from scratch.

Explaining Wiki Code, Part 1 - SEO

Below this text you will see a picture which explains how you can add the SEO code from Natsu/EmptyTournament to any page you are creating and adjust it accordingly to the page you are making. Enlarge the picture to read the text more easily. Also feel free to check out the SEO File for basic codes you can use on most pages, whether it's players, teams, events, etc. If you are still unsure and have questions about SEO, reach out to the Esportspedia Staff.


Explaining Wiki Code, Part 2 - Tabs & League Infobox

Here's a picture which explains the entire League Infobox as well as Tabs. The parameters for the fields are very easy to understand and as a whole, very straightforward and basic.


Explaining Wiki Code, Part 3 - Description & Format

One of the easier things to understand, the description and format can always be done manually and are very easy to handle. Some events can have a more complex format making it a bit more complicated. But at the end of the day it's still just text that you need to write down and nothing too complex.


Explaining Wiki Code, Part 4 - Prize Pool Box

In the picture below, I do my best to explain how the Prize Pool Box works and what each field is for. It's not too hard to understand though it may take you a few tries to work with it until you get the hang of it.


Explaining Wiki Code, Part 5 - Participating Teams

A fairly straightforward lesson. Filling in the participating teams is easy. The teams and their rosters can usually be found on the website of the event you're creating the page for.


Explaining Wiki Code, Part 6 - Bracket

Brackets are also easy to understand. The only hard thing about them is that there's different kinds of brackets you can use. So you'll have to know the name of the one you want to use. But aside from that updating the bracket itself is fairly easy and simple.


Explaining Wiki Code, Part 7 - Awards Box

Adding an award box is also fairly simple and filling it in is even easier!


Explaining Wiki Code, Part 8 - Schedule

Adding and updating a schedule can be somewhat difficult for newcomers, as it's a huge block of wiki code and it can be confusing at times. But the picture below should explain what each field is used for.


Creating a Player Page, Part 1 - Infobox

If you know how to create a tournament page, creating a player page will be even easier! Also feel free to use the player page base at Natsu/EmptyPage.


Creating a Player Page, Part 2 - Biography and Career History

In this lesson you will only learn what the difference between the Biography and Career History sections are. Both can be written manually as they are simply text. The difference however is that the Biography is a short 5-10 sentence summary of the player's career and who they are as a player. Meanwhile the Career History is a detailed history, event by event and year by year of the player's entire career. While the Biography should be kept around 5-10 sentences, the Career History can be as long as possible and should be split into years.

Fixing TabsDynamic to TD

TabsDynamic is the old format we use to create tabs within a schedule. We have switched to TD instead however a lot of old pages still use TabsDynamic. To change that, simply write down TD instead of TabsDynamic anywhere you see TabsDynamic written within the schedule.

Video Tutorial

Useful Tips & Methods

  • If you want to speed up your work, it's often a good idea to simply copy the code from another page and re-adjust it to fit the page you are making. For example, if I want to make a page for the 2018 NA LCS Summer Playoffs, I can simply go back to the 2018 NA LCS Spring Playoffs page and copy the source code. Then I just need to re-adjust the entire code so that, anywhere where it says "Spring" I replace it with "Summer". I also need to change the teams, fix the start/end dates and the prize pool box if necessary. Then just fix up the bracket and schedule. Doing this can save up a lot of time. Instead of starting from scratch, you simply readjust the source code and finish your work faster.
  • This one is very important. Very! It's good to develop beneficial habits as fast as possible. One such habit is using the preview button. Whenever you are working on a page, always preview your work and check to see if there's any errors or mistakes. And if there are, fix them. Make a habit of doing this as it's never a good idea to straight up save your work without checking it first.
  • Another useful habit is to always select your entire code and copy it, even before previewing. This is done just in-case of a server malfunction that might cause the website to go down. Imagine spending an hour working on a page. You've poured a lot of effort into it. And then just when you preview to see your work, you get some kind of server error and your work is lost. You don't want that to happen right? That's where this habit comes along. Try to develop it in order to save yourself the potential pain of losing your work in the future!
  • A good tip for learning is to always look around the wiki, check how pages are done and how the source code for them looks like. Learning through trial, error and observation is effective in most cases.

What should I do when I'm lost and I don't know how to do something on the wiki?

Contact Natsu or Dhox, the two LoL wiki managers! On Discord is the best place to contact them. Join the ESPD server (you can find it in the sidebar on the left side), send them a DM and ask any questions that you have. If you need help, they will 100% help you. If you want a question answered, they will 100% answer it for you to the best of their ability. Always remember that you're not alone on the wiki. The managing team is always here to support you and help you blossom into a wiki god!