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IPL 6 Qualifiers CN

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Chinese Qualifier
IPL6 alt.png
League Information
SponsorRiot IGN
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerCN
Start Date2013-02-21
End Date2013-03-02

IPL 6 is the sixth tournament in the IGN ProLeague tournament series. Qualifying tournaments will be organized on the North American server by an array of organizations, including IPL, CLG, SoloMid, and IvyLoL for a total of 8 invites.


  • Online Qualifier
    • 16 invited Chinese teams
    • Single elimination
    • Best of 3
    • First place team from bracket faces IPL 5 champions Team WE in finals
    • Winner gets IPL 6 invite


China (16)
LGD Gaminglogo std.png LGD Gaming Logo std2.png DBK Gaming Royal Clublogo std.png Royal Club Logo std2.png 黑木崖
Logo std2.png The7D File:DuoDuo Clublogo std.png DuoDuo Club Wings of Auroralogo std.png Wings of Aurora File:Team LHlogo std.png Team LH
Oh My Godlogo std.png Oh My God Invictus Gaminglogo std.png Invictus Gaming All Gamerslogo std.png All Gamers Royal Club Tian Cilogo std.png Royal Club Tian Ci
Logo std2.png Team TC Positive Energylogo std.png Positive Energy Zenith of Originlogo std.png Zenith of Origin TongFulogo std.png TongFu

Qualified Teams


February 21st - 28th

Group A

  Semifinals Finals
  LGD Gaminglogo std.png LGD FF
  Logo std2.png DBK Gaming W
  Logo std2.png DBK Gaming 0
  Royal Clublogo std.png RYL 2
  Royal Clublogo std.png RYL 2
  Logo std2.png 黑木崖 0

Group B

  Semifinals Finals
  Logo std2.png The7D 1
  38px DuoDuo 2
  38px DuoDuo W
  38px LH FF
  Wings of Auroralogo std.png WOA 1
  38px LH 2

Group C

  Semifinals Finals
  Oh My Godlogo std.png OMG 2
  Invictus Gaminglogo std.png IG 0
  Oh My Godlogo std.png OMG 2
  Royal Club Tian Cilogo std.png Royal TC 0
  All Gamerslogo std.png AG 0
  Royal Club Tian Cilogo std.png Royal TC 2

Group D

  Semifinals Finals
  Logo std2.png Team TC 0
  Positive Energylogo std.png PE 2
  Positive Energylogo std.png PE 2
  TongFulogo std.png TongFu 0
  Zenith of Originlogo std.png Zoo 0
  TongFulogo std.png TongFu 2


  Semifinals Finals
  Royal Clublogo std.png RYL 2
  Oh My Godlogo std.png OMG 1
  Royal Clublogo std.png RYL 3
  Positive Energylogo std.png PE 1
  38px DuoDuo 0
  Positive Energylogo std.png PE 2 3rd place match
  Oh My Godlogo std.png OMG 2
  38px DuoDuo 0

Final Match

March 3rd

  Round 1
   Team WElogo std.png WE 0
   Royal Clublogo std.png RYL 0


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