IPL 4 Las Vegas Qualifiers

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IGN ProLeague Season 4 Qualifiers
IPL4 Logo.png
League Information
SponsorRiot IGN
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNA
CountryUSA USA
Prize PoolPaid Trip to IPL4
Start Date2012-02-18
End Date2012-02-26


The IPL 4 takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States in April 2012 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Official Home of the IPL. This is the fourth tournament in the IGN ProLeague tournament series and IGN's third live League of Legends event. The top 4 teams from IPL 3 were invited to participate and they will compete against 4 teams that qualified through a 32 team tournament. The teams will play for a chance to earn part of the $50,000 prize pool. Ro32 and Ro16 were played on the Ziggs patch. Ro8 and onwards were played on the Nautilus patch with the exception of the 3rd Place match which was played on Lulu patch.


  • Single elimination playoffs - Bo3
  • Loser's Choice of 1st Ban/Pick

Prize Pool

The top four teams qualify to play in the IPL 4 main tournament held at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The winner of the qualifier also gets an all expenses paid trip to attend the event.

Place Prize Team
size=24px 1st All Expenses Paid Trip USA v8 Esports
2nd Qualified France against All authority
3rd Qualified USA Curse Gaming
4th Qualified USA Monomaniac


North America (14) Europe (18)
USA vVv Gaming Canada Jpak and Friends Russia Moscow Five Netherlands Western Wolves
USA Monomaniac USA v8 Esports France Millenium Russia Mousesports
USA Team EZ USA Severity Gaming Europe Absolute Legends France Sypher
USA RFLX Gaming USA Choppa In Da Car Europe MyBoys Spain Meet Your Makers
USA 4Not.Fire USA Curse Gaming Europe SK Gaming Europe FnaticRC
USA A Picture of a Goose USA Team Green Forest Germany ESC Gaming Finland TCM Gaming
USA Convergence USA Dark Horse France against All authority Germany mTw.EU
Poland exGBT Europe Counter Logic Gaming EU
France 3DMAX Denmark Team Fragzone



  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Russia Moscow Five W
 USA vVv Gaming -
 Russia Moscow Five 2
 Netherlands Western Wolves 0
 Canada Jpak and Friends -
 Netherlands Western Wolves W
 Russia Moscow Five 0
 USA Monomaniac 2
 France Millenium 0
 USA Monomanianc 2
 USA Monomaniac 2
 Europe Absolute Legends 0
 Russia Mousesports 0
 Europe Absolute Legends 2
 USA Monomaniac 0
 USA v8 Esports 2
 France Sypher 2
 USA Dark Horse 0
 France Sypher 0
 USA v8 Esports 2
 Europe MyBoys 1
 USA v8 Esports 2
 USA v8 Esports 2
 USA Team EZ 0
 USA Team EZ 2
 Denmark Team fragzone 0
 USA Team EZ 2
 Europe SK Gaming 0
 Spain Meet Your Makers 0
 Europe SK Gaming 2
 USA v8 Esports 2
 France against All authority 1
 Europe FnaticRC 2
 USA Severity Gaming 0
 Europe FnaticRC 1
 Finland TCM Gaming 2
 Germany ESC Gaming 0
3rd place match
 Finland TCM Gaming 2
 Finland TCM Gaming 0  USA Monomaniac 0
 USA Curse Gaming 2
 USA Curse Gaming 2
 USA RFLX Gaming W
 USA Choppa in Da Car -
 USA RFLX Gaming 1
 USA Curse Gaming 2
 USA 4Not.Fire 1
 USA Curse Gaming 2
 USA Curse Gaming* -
 France against All authority W
 France against All authority 2
 Germany mTw.EU 0
 France against All authority 2
 USA A Picture of a Goose 1
 France 3DMAX 0
 USA A Picture of a Goose 2
 France against All authority 2
 Europe Counter Logic Gaming EU 0
 Poland exGBT 2
 USA Team Green Forest 1
 Poland exGBT 0
 Europe Counter Logic Gaming EU 2
 USA Convergence 0
 Europe Counter Logic Gaming EU 2

* Curse Gaming forfeited their semifinals game against against All authority because they were traveling home after the prize finals of the Curse Invitational on the previous day.