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IPL 6 Collegiate Qualifier
Ivylol ipl6.png
League Information
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNA
Start Date2013-02-03
End Date2013-02-24


IPL 6 is the sixth tournament in the IGN ProLeague tournament series. Qualifying tournaments will be organized on the North American server by an array of organizations, including IPL, CLG, SoloMid, and IvyLoL for a total of 8 invites.


  • Three Qualifiers
  • Qualifier #1 & #2
    • Single elimination
    • Best-of-One
    • Up to 64 teams
    • Top 8 teams qualify for Qualifier #3
  • Qualifier #3
    • 16 teams
    • Single elimination
    • Best-of-Three

Qualified Teams

Place Prize Team
size=24px1st IPL6 Invite Logo std2.png ASU esports


Qualifier #1

Qualifier #1 (15)
Teamname College Teamname College
Logo std2.png Wildcats B University of Arizona Logo std2.png PrestigeRookies York University
Logo std2.png Oregon State University Oregon State University Logo std2.png UBC IvyLoL University of British Columbia
Logo std2.png Cal Poly SLObros California Polytechnic State University, SLO Logo std2.png Godzero feat. Peasants Texas A&M University
Logo std2.png RedRover Cornell University Logo std2.png York U Lions York University
Logo std2.png Farmers Fighting Texas A&M University Logo std2.png Knights in Shining ELO University of Central Florida
Logo std2.png Pangmen University of Texas at Austin Logo std2.png The Metagolem University of Rochester
Logo std2.png DotDotDot University of Central Florida Logo std2.png Twinkle Toes University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Logo std2.png Federal Extreme Union Carnegie Mellon University

Qualifier #2

Qualifier #2 (48)
Teamname College Teamname College
Logo std2.png Godshands Gaming James Madison University Logo std2.png No Wombats Pennsylvania State University
Logo std2.png SDSU eSports San Diego State University Logo std2.png Masterbaiter & Commander University of North Texas
Logo std2.png Nope Chuck Testa Georgia Institute of Technology Logo std2.png Brandeis University Brandeis University
Logo std2.png C2GS Steven's Institute of Technology Logo std2.png Team Boots Binghamton University
Logo std2.png UW Gold University of Washington Logo std2.png ASU eSports Arizona State University
Logo std2.png CSUMB eSports California State University, Monterrey Bay Logo std2.png number one Virginia Tech
Logo std2.png University of Alabama - Huntsville University of Alabama in Huntsville Logo std2.png Aaron's Tea Party University of British Colombia
Logo std2.png We Curry James University of Rhode Island Logo std2.png BlueCardTF Cornell University
Logo std2.png Highlander Gaming University of California, Riverside Logo std2.png MST Gaming Missouri University of Science and Technology
Logo std2.png Hofstra Pride Hofstra University Logo std2.png From Afar Iowa State University
Logo std2.png We Curry James University of Rhode Island Logo std2.png BlueCardTF Cornell University
Logo std2.png Duquesne Dukes Duquesne University Logo std2.png ATU Wonderboys Arkansas Tech University
Logo std2.png Team YoloMid Arizona State University Logo std2.png Team Spr 2013 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Logo std2.png Team Purple BlowPops Rochester Institute of Technology Logo std2.png Team Sugar Rush Stanford University
Logo std2.png 1850 Train University of South Carolina Logo std2.png 420YOLOSWAG Loyola University Chicago
Logo std2.png Pitt A University of Pittsburgh Logo std2.png UTA Chaox CtrLs University of Texas at Arlington
Logo std2.png Laker Legends Grand Valley State University Logo std2.png DotDotDot University of Central Florida
Logo std2.png Team YoloSwagg University of California, Santa Barbara Logo std2.png Team Sugar Rush Stanford University
Logo std2.png University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Logo std2.png brockjocks Brock University
Logo std2.png Esports at Berkeley Team C - University of California, Berkeley Logo std2.png UA A-Team University of Arizona
Logo std2.png Columbia Columbia University Logo std2.png Scrub Tactics University of South Carolina
Logo std2.png Big Green D Dartmouth College Logo std2.png Terps University of Maryland, College Park
Logo std2.png Team Ignite Change Villanova University Logo std2.png Stockton Gaming Club Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Logo std2.png Official UConn Team University of Connecticut Logo std2.png the Dump Ships University of Illinois at Chicago
Logo std2.png Element Suffolk University Logo std2.png Keep Calm and Gather Mid Saint Joseph's University


Qualifier #1

February 3rd

  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Logo std2.png UBC IvyLoL W
  Logo std2.png UBC IvyLoL Q
  Logo std2.png PrestigeRookies Q
  Logo std2.png RedRover 0
  Logo std2.png PrestigeRookies 1
  Logo std2.png Federal Extreme Union 1
  Logo std2.png DotDotDot
  Logo std2.png Federal Extreme Union Q
  Logo std2.png Pangmen Q
  Logo std2.png Knights in Shining ELO
  Logo std2.png Pangmen 1
  Logo std2.png York U Lions
  Logo std2.png Wildcats B 1
  38px Wildcats B Q
  Logo std2.png The Metagolem Q
  Logo std2.png The Metagolem 1
  Logo std2.png Oregon State University
  Logo std2.png Farmers Fighting
  Logo std2.png Godzero feat. Peasants 1
  Logo std2.png Godzero feat. Peasants Q
  Logo std2.png Cal Poly SLObros Q
  Logo std2.png Cal Poly SLObros 1
  Logo std2.png Twinkle Toes

Qualifier #2

February 9th

  Round of 64 Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Highlander Gaming
  From Afar 1
  From Afar
  UW Gold 1
  UW Gold W
  UW Gold 1
  We Curry James 0
  Columbia 1
  Terps 1
  Terps W
  UW Gold Q
  UA A-Team Q
  Hofstra Pride 1
  Stockton Gaming Club 0
  Hofstra Pride
  UA A-Team 1
  UA A-Team W
  UA A-Team 1
  Team Sugar Rush
  Keep Calm and Gather Mid 1
  University of Pennsylvania
  Keep Calm and Gather Mid
  Team Sugar Rush 1
  Team Sugar Rush W
  BlueCardTF 1
  Scrub Tactics
  BlueCardTF 1
  Team Spr 2013
  Team Spr 2013 W
  ASU eSports 1
  UTA Chaox CtrLs
  ASU eSports 1
  ASU eSports 1
  1850 Train
  1850 Train W
  ASU eSports Q
  BurlyBear Mafi
  Big Green D 1
  Big Green D
  C2GS 1
  C2GS W
  C2GS 1
  Laker Legends
  Duquesne Dukes
  Duquesne Dukes W
  No Wombats 1
  eSports of Berkley: Team C
  No Wombats 1
  MST Gaming
  MST Gaming W
  No Wombats 1
  DotDotDot 1
  Masterbaiter & Commander 0
  DotDotDot 1
  Team Purple BlowPops
  Team Purple BlowPops W
  No Wombats Q
  Official UConn Team Q
  Aaron's Tea Party
  Official UConn Team 1
  Official UConn Team 1
  University of Alabama
  University of Alabama W
  Official UConn Team 1
  Nope Chuck Testa
  Nope Chuck Testa 1
  Nope Chuck Testa 1
  Team YoloMid
  Team YoloMid W
  Brandeis University
  Element 1
  Element 1
  the Dump Ships
  the Dump Ships W
  Element 1
  Pitt A
  Pitt A 1
  Team Ignite Change
  Pitt A 1
  ATU Wonderboys
  ATU Wonderboys W
  Element Q
  SDSU eSports Q
  Godhands Gaming
  CSUMB eSports 1
  CSUMB eSports 1
  Team YoloSwagg
  Team YoloSwagg W
  CSUMB eSports
  SDSU eSports 1
  SDSU eSports 1
  SDSU eSports 1
  Team Boots
  Team Boots W

Qualifier #3

February 23rd - February 24th

  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  UBC eSports 2
  CSGS 0
  UBC eSports 2
  UA A-Team 0
  Pangmen 1
  UA A-Team 2
  UBC eSports 2
  UW Gold 1
  SDSU eSports 0
  UW Gold 2
  UW Gold 2
  Cal Poly SLObros 0
  Element 0
  Cal Poly SLObros 2
  UBC eSports 1
  ASU eSports 2
  PrestigeRookies 0
  Farmers Fighting 2
  Farmers Fighting 1
  Federal Extreme Union 2
  Wildcats B 0
  Federal Extreme Union 2
  Federal Extreme Union 1
  ASU eSports 2
  ASU eSports 2
  No Wombats 1
  ASU eSports 2
  The Metagolem 0
  Official UConn Team 0
  The Metagolem 2

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