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IPL 6 Qualifiers

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IGN ProLeague Season 6 - Qualifiers
IPL6 alt.png
League Information
SponsorRiot IGN
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNA
Start Date2013
End Date2013


IPL 6 is the sixth tournament in the IGN ProLeague tournament series. Qualifying tournaments will be organized on the North American server by an array of organizations, including IPL, CLG, SoloMid, and IvyLoL for a total of 8 invites.


  • 8 North America Invites[1][2]
    • 1 IPL Challengers' Cup #1
    • 1 CLG Premier Series
    • 2 SoloMid Qualifier
    • 1 IvyLoL Qualifier
    • 1 Azubu Collegiate StarLeague (CSL)
    • 1 Ranked 5v5 Qualifier (SXSW Qualifier)
    • TBD


Challengers' Cup

Event Date Qualified Teams
CLG Premier Series 2013.01.28—2013.02.03 Curse Academylogo std.png Curse Academy
IPL Qualifier #1 2013.01.28—2013.02.14 Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9
Azubu Collegiate StarLeague 2013.02.17 File:Texas A&M Universitylogo std.png Texas A&M University
IvyLoL Qualifier 2013.02.03 - 2013.02.24 Logo std2.png ASU eSports
SoloMid Qualifier 2013.02.09—2013.02.24 Logo std2.png Square Duck
Dirt Nap Gaminglogo std.png Dirt Nap Gaming
South-by-Southwest Qualifier 2013.02.DD - 2013.03.10 Dignitaslogo std.png Dignitas
1 Trick Ponieslogo std.png 1 Trick Ponies

International Exhibition

Event Date Qualified Teams
Chinese Qualifier 2013.02.21 - 2013.03.02

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