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IPL 5 Qualifiers/Southeast Asia

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IGN ProLeague Season 5 Southeast Asian Qualifiers
IPL5 Logo.png
League Information
SponsorRiot IGN
Event TypeOnline/Offline
Event ServerSEA
Prize Pool~$4,000
Start Date2012-06-04
End Date2012-07-14


IPL 5 is the fifth tournament in the IGN ProLeague tournament series. Returning IPL 4 champions, Team SoloMid, will be the only invited team to this event. Qualifying tournaments will be organized on North American, European, and multiple Asian servers for a total of 14 invites. The remaining team will be determined prior to IPL 5 via a wildcard qualifier.


  • Separate qualifiers for Singapore and Malaysia
    • Singapore's winner will play against Malaysia's winner
  • Singapore qualifier
    • Online Playoffs
      • Single Elimination
      • Best of One
      • Top 8 teams advance to the offline playoffs
    • Offline Playoffs
      • Double Elimination
      • Best of One
  • Malaysia qualifier
    • Group Stage
      • Four groups of three teams
      • Round Robin Best of One
      • Top two teams of each group advance to the playoffs
    • Playoffs
      • Single Elimination
      • Best of One
      • Finals - Best of Three

Qualified Team

Event Prize Team
Singapore vs Malaysia Match IPL5 Invite Singapore Sentinelslogo std.png Singapore Sentinels

Prize Pool

For Singapore 3,000SGD ($2,350) and Logitech equipment is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize Prize (USD) Team
size=24px 1st 1,200 SGD
5 Logitech G19 Keyboards
5 Logitech G600 Mice
$939 Singapore Singapore Sentinels
Silver.png 2nd 1,000 SGD $782 Singapore DDDAN
Bronze.png 3rd 800 SGD $629 Singapore Tremendo!

For Malaysia 5,100RM ($1,600) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize Prize (USD) Team
size=24px 1st 2,500 RM $783 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Hunters
Silver.png 2nd 1,000 RM $313 Malaysia Abyss
Bronze.png 3rd 500 RM $156 Malaysia Executed
Copper.png 4th 300 RM $94 Malaysia Orange Esports
5th-8th 200 RM $63 Malaysia Banana
Malaysia KBP
Malaysia Unknown
Malaysia Legacy


Singapore Singapore Sentinels Singapore SAHC Singapore Tremendo! Singapore Nice Young Men
Singapore Konoha Singapore S(c)R Beefystew Singapore Basic Singapore Pärädôx
Singapore Trollvengers Singapore TurnOver Singapore Avalanche Singapore TeamObsidian
Singapore SGA Singapore WhySoSerious Singapore KKQ Singapore Boylaxy
Singapore Disco Ninjas Singapore Nice Young Men.Kids Singapore Team Zephyr Singapore Team Mind Gamers
Singapore CoZy Singapore Walla Walla Weasel Wackers Singapore DDDAN
Singapore Total Solution Singapore Aurora Singapore Queen-Sized Balls
Singapore HeartCore Singapore noGAMESENSE Singapore AgainstAllELO
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Hunters Malaysia Orange Esports
Malaysia Executed Malaysia Abyss
Malaysia 7DS Malaysia CreepsOnly
Malaysia Unknown Malaysia Legacy
Malaysia Banana Malaysia KBP
Malaysia Unique Malaysia Team After Midnight



Online Qualifier

  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Singapore DDDAN W
  BYE -
 Singapore DDDAN 1
 Singapore Basic 0
 Singapore S(c)R Beefystew 0
 Singapore Basic 1
 Singapore DDDAN
 Singapore CoZy
 Singapore Pärädôx 0
 Singapore CoZy 1
 Singapore CoZy 1
 Singapore Nice Young Men.Kids 0
 Singapore Nice Young Men.Kids 1
 Singapore Avalanche 0
 Singapore Trollvengers 0
 Singapore TurnOver 1
 Singapore TurnOver 1
 Singapore SGA 0
 Singapore AgainstAllELO 0
 Singapore SGA 1
 Singapore TurnOver
 Singapore Singapore Sentinels
 Singapore Singapore Sentinels 1
 Singapore Queen-Sized Balls 0
 Singapore Singapore Sentinels 1
 Singapore WhySoSerious 0
 Singapore WhySoSerious 1
 Singapore KKQ 0
 Singapore Konoha W
  BYE -
 Singapore Konoha 1
 Singapore Disco Ninjas 0
 Singapore Disco Ninjas 1
 Singapore Nice Young Men 0
 Singapore Konoha
 Singapore WWWW
 Singapore Team Zephyr 0
 Singapore noGAMESENSE 1
 Singapore noGAMESENSE 0
 Singapore WWWW 1
 Singapore WWWW 1
 Singapore SAHC 0
 Singapore HeartCore W
  BYE -
 Singapore Heartcore 1
 Singapore Aurora 0
 Singapore TS 0
 Singapore Aurora 1
 Singapore Heartcore
 Singapore Tremendo!
 Singapore TeamObsidian 0
 Singapore Boylaxy 1
 Singapore Boylaxy 0
 Singapore Tremendo! 1
 Singapore Tremendo! 1
 Singapore Team Mind Gamers 0

Offline Playoffs

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
 Singapore WWWW 0
 Singapore Konoha 1
 Singapore Konoha 0
 Singapore Singapore Sentinels 1
 Singapore TurnOver 0
 Singapore Singapore Sentinels 1
 Singapore Singapore Sentinels 1
 Singapore DDDAN 0
 Singapore Heartcore 0
 Singapore DDDAN 1
 Singapore DDDAN 1
 Singapore Tremendo! 0
 Singapore CoZy 0  Singapore Singapore Sentinels 1
 Singapore Tremendo! 1  Singapore DDDAN 0
Loser's bracket
 Singapore Tremendo! 1
 Singapore TurnOver 0
 Singapore WWWW 0  Singapore DDDAN 1
 Singapore WWWW 1  Singapore Tremendo! 1
 Singapore Tremendo! 0
 Singapore Konoha 0
 Singapore Konoha 1
 Singapore CoZy 1
 Singapore CoZy 0
 Singapore Heartcore 0


Group Stage

June 4th - June 24th

Group A

Template:GroupTableSlot2 Template:GroupTableSlot2 Template:GroupTableSlot2

Group A Matches
Kuala Lumpur Hunters Malaysia 1 0 Malaysia 7DS
Kuala Lumpur Hunters Malaysia 1 0 Malaysia Banana
7DS Malaysia 0 1 Malaysia Banana

Group B

Template:GroupTableSlot2 Template:GroupTableSlot2 Template:GroupTableSlot2

Group B Matches
Orange Esports Malaysia 1 0 Malaysia CreepsOnly
Orange Esports Malaysia 1 0 Malaysia KBP
CreepsOnly Malaysia 0 1 Malaysia KBP

Group C

Template:GroupTableSlot2 Template:GroupTableSlot2 Template:GroupTableSlot2

Group C Matches
Executed Malaysia 1 0 Malaysia Unknown
Executed Malaysia 1 0 Malaysia Unique
Unknown Malaysia 1 0 Malaysia Unique

Group D

Template:GroupTableSlot2 Template:GroupTableSlot2 Template:GroupTableSlot2

Group D Matches
Abyss Malaysia 1 0 Malaysia Legacy
Abyss Malaysia 1 0 Malaysia Team After Midnight
Legacy Malaysia 1 0 Malaysia Team After Midnight


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Hunters 1
 Malaysia Legacy 0
 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Hunters 1
 Malaysia Orange Esports 0
 Malaysia Orange Esports 1
 Malaysia Unknown 0
 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Hunters 2
 Malaysia Abyss 0
 Malaysia Executed 1
 Malaysia KBP 0 3rd place match
 Malaysia Executed 0
 Malaysia Orange Esports 0
 Malaysia Abyss 1
 Malaysia Abyss W  Malaysia Executed 1
 Malaysia Banana* -

*Banana was disqualified for not showing up to their match against Abyss

Singapore vs Malaysia Final

July 14th

  Round 1
 Singapore  Singapore Sentinels 2
 Malaysia  Kuala Lumpur Hunters 0