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MKZ MidKing.jpg
Background Information
NamePark Yong-woo (박용우)
Country of BirthSouth Korea
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
MKZlogo std.png MKZ5/2012
MKZlogo std.png MKZ5/20147/2014
Xenics Stormlogo std.png X Storm7/2014???
MKZlogo std.png MKZ3/20157/2015
MKZlogo std.png MKZ7/2015???

Park "MidKing" Yong-woo is a retired South Korean League of Legends player.


Season 2

Park "MidKing" Yong-woo joined MKZ early on in league's history as their mid laner. They played in Azubu The Champions Spring 2012 and made the quarterfinals but they lost 2-0 to Xenics Storm. MidKing left MKZ after Champions Spring to join Incredible Miracle. IM played in Azubu The Champions Summer 2012 but they failed to make it past the group stage. They earned Team OP's circuit points because they had 3/5 of the same roster so they qualified for the Season 2 Korea Regional Finals. They beat CJ Entus 3-1 in a tie breaker but lost 3-1 to NaJin Sword in the first round. IM played in the World e-Sports Masters 2012 in October in China. They placed fourth after losing 1-0 to Invictus Gaming in the 3rd round of the loser's bracket.

Season 3

Incredible Miracle started the new season at OLYMPUS Champions Winter 2012-2013 where they made it to the quarterfinals but lost 3-2 to Azubu Blaze. They then flew to Brazil to play in IEM Sao Paulo where they won the whole tournament after beating Anexis eSports 2-0 in the finals. IM's victory in Brazil qualified them for the IEM Season VII - World Championship where they failed to make it past the group stage. They qualified for OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013 but failed to make it past the group stage again. IM renamed themselves at the end of the season to Incredible Miracle 1, 2 months after Incredible Miracle 2 was formed. IM1 played in HOT6iX Champions Summer 2013 but they only won one game and placed last in their group.

2014 Season

MidKing played with IM1 in HOT6iX Champions Spring 2014 where they couldn't make it past the group stage. He left IM1 in May of 2014 to rejoin MKZ. MKZ competed in HOT6iX Champions Summer 2014 but they failed to win a single game and finished the tournament tied for last place. MKZ was picked up by Xenics Storm in July. The team did not play any tournaments together before disbanding sometime before the organization rebranded to Xenics.

2015 Season

MKZ reformed in March of 2015 and played in Challengers Korea Spring 2015 Series 2 where they ended in third after losing 3-0 to Xenics and Winners. MKZ also competed in Challengers Korea Summer 2015 but they ended in last with a 2-8 record. MidKing switched to support halfway through the tournament.


  • Has a feud between ReSEt for ReSEt's match mixing and trolling. ReSEt intentionally fed enemy team while playing his second ID with him to keep his rating low.
  • MidKing is friends with DontMashMe and has wanted to start a team with MashMe and Patoy.[1]


Date Event Result
2013-02-02 IEM VII - Sao Paulo size=24px
2 : 0 Anexis eSportslogo std.png Anexis eSports
Date Event Result
2012-10-27 World e-Sports Masters 2012 Copper.png
0 : 1 Invictus Gaminglogo std.png Invictus Gaming
2012-09-12 Season 2 Regional Finals Seoul Copper.png
1 : 3 NaJin Swordlogo std.png NaJin Sword