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The Esportspedia Staff is always willing to talk to any of the wiki's users or contributors. We will answer any of your questions and can always chat with you regarding the scene and the players! Down below you can find our personal discords but you can also find us in our Discord Server.

Who are the staff members and how can I contact them?

  • Germany Guilherme "Gui" Arten-Meyer is the Director of Esportspedia. He oversees the daily operations within the wiki and is the bridge between us and our parent company Esports One. For any business inquiries or partnerships, he would be the best person to reach out to. Bendirmän#5945 on Discord.
  • Philippines Dorica "Dhox" Lopez is the Wiki Coordinator of Esportspedia. She is a very versatile and key figure within the wiki and oversees how the wiki functions. If you have any questions about templates, functionality or complexities within the wiki she would be the person you'd want to contact. Dhox#0018 on Discord.
  • Bulgaria Viktor "Natsu" Panayotov is the LoL Senior Manager of Esportspedia. He works alongside contributors of the wiki, organizes community events and makes sure the wiki is as up to date as much as possible. If you have any questions about how to contribute, how to work on a basic level with the wiki or how to join in on community events, you should message him. Natsu#3572 on Discord.