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Health:1,600 (+140)
Attack Damage:83 (+9 per lvl)
Magic Resistance:0
Critical Strike Chance:0%
Attack Speed:0.63
Movement Speed:330
Initial Spawn Time:1:55
Respawn Time:1:40
Gold Gain on Kill:(+)
Experience Gain on Kill:200 (+2.1)


The Gromp is a neutral monster found only the updated Summoner's Rift. It can be found the the left of the  Blue Sentinel.

Smite.png Smite the Gromp granting GrompSquare.png Gift of the Toadstool, which poisons enemies who attack you: dealing 10 + (5% of bonus health) magic damage over 3 seconds. Lasts 90 seconds.


  • Starting  Gromp helps increase clear speed for junglers who need that sort of thing.
  • Red side bot lanes can kill  Gromp to gain an experience advantage.

Patch History


More poisonous toadstool armor.

"The Gromp buff was designed to establish a baseline clear speed for tank junglers, as we expect most would rely on the toadstool armor over their basic abilities to clear camps. This is just an example of the ways we can tweak jungle parameters to benefit groups of junglers in healthy ways!"
  • DAMAGE SCALING : Gift of the Toadstool'd champions deal 6 + (6 x level) magic damage over 3 seconds 4 + (8 x level) magic damage over 3 seconds