Greater Stealth Totem

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Greater Stealth Totem
Greater Stealth Totem.png
Active:Unique - Comsume a charge to place an invisible ward that reveals the surrounding area for 180 seconds. Stores a charge every 60 seconds, up to 2 total. Limit 3 25px Stealth Wards on the map per player.
Sell Value:333g

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Warding Totem.png



  1. Trinket

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Patch History


 Warding Totem
Ward duration increases with champion level. Now generates charges.

REMOVED VISION QUEST : Greater Stealth and Greater Vision totems removed

v5.3 Yellow trinket's upgrade now stores up to 2 charges.

"Map vision is actually an underestimated tool that teams can use to press an advantage or come back from a deficit, but not many players think about it like that, so we're suggesting you should. Yes, we're repeating ourselves. As for Greater Stealth Totem, the change itself is straightforward - we're hoping to give some extra tools back for teams trying to recover from a deficit, and this lets them (somewhat) combat aggressive sweeping teams. "
  • [NEW] I'M CHARGING MY... WARDS : Greater Stealth Totem now stores up to 2 charges. Stores 1 charge per 60 seconds.


  • COST  : 475 gold 250 gold
  • COOLDOWN  : 90 seconds 60 seconds

C'mon, why do you need a summary here

"Right now there seems to be no viable reason to upgrade to a Greater Stealth Totem, so we're giving players a reason to do so. Lower cooldown!"
  • COOLDOWN 120 seconds ⇒ 90 seconds

Unknown Patch

  • Greater Stealth Totem - cooldown decreased to 90 seconds


  • Greater Stealth Totem - upgrading increases stealth ward timer to 180 seconds (120 second cooldown)

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