Greater Murk Wolf

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Greater Murk Wolf
Greater Murk WolfSquare.png
Health:1,320 (+40)
Attack Damage:42 (+0.7)
Range:150 (estimate)
Magic Resistance:0
Attack Speed:0.63
Movement Speed:443
Initial Spawn Time:1:55
Respawn Time:1:40
Gold Gain on Kill:53 (+0.65)
Experience Gain on Kill:142 (+2.3)


The Giant Wolf is a neutral monster found on the updated Summoner's Rift. It can be found near the  Blue Sentinel camp along with two  Murk Wolves.

Smite.png Smite the Greater Murk Wolf creates a Rift Spirit that watches over the crossroad by the  Blue Sentinel, upon detecting a nearby enemy it will follow up until the enemy leaves the range. It lasts 90 seconds, but that timer goes down when the spirit chases enemies.


Patch History

  • GO BACK TO YOUR LANE : All jungle camps now give 10 less gold


  • SMALL CAMPS : Small camps have hit the jungle gym (this line was blatantly stolen from someone else)
    • Small jungle camps now respawn every 50 seconds 100 seconds
    • Base health, attack damage, gold, and experience of small jungle camps have been increased by 20%
    • Greatly increased the attack damage scaling of small jungle camps throughout the game
    • Increased the health scaling of small jungle camps up to level 12
  • RAPTORS : Raptors have been further re-tuned to be equal to other camps: