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The Missing Link
Release Date:August 13th, 2014
Cost:6300 BE
975 RP
Health Regen HealthRegen Mini Icon.png :540 (+ 0.5)
Movespeed MovementSpeed Mini Icon.png :325
Attack Damage AttackDamage Mini Icon.png :51 (+ 3)
Attack Speed AttackSpeed Mini Icon.png :0.625 (+ 0.5%)
Range Range Mini Icon.png :175
Armor Armor Mini Icon.png :23 (+ 2.5)
Magic Resist MagicResist Mini Icon.png :30 (+ 0)


The jungle does not forgive blindness. Every broken branch tells a story.

I've hunted every creature this jungle has to offer. I was certain there were no challenges left here, but now there is something new. Each track is the size of a tusklord; its claws like scimitars. It could rend a man in half. Finally, worthy prey.

As I stalk my prize through the jungle, I begin to see the damage this thing has wrought. I step into a misshapen circle of splintered trees. These giant wooden sentinels have stood over this land for countless ages, their iron-like hides untouched by the flimsy axes of anyone foolish enough to attempt to cut them down. This thing brushed them aside like they were twigs.

How can a creature with this level of strength disappear so easily? And yet, even though it has left this unmistakable trail of destruction, I have been unable to lay my eye upon it. How can it appear like a hurricane then fade into the jungle like the morning mist?

I thrill in anticipation of finally standing before this creature. It will make a tremendous trophy.

Passing through the clearing, I follow the sound of a stream to get my bearings once more. There I see a small shock of orange fur, crouching, waiting. I spy on it from a distance. A tiny fish splashes out of the stream and the creature scrambles for it, diving gleefully into the rushing water. To my joy, I realize it's  a yordle. And a hunter, at that!

This is a good omen. The beast will be found. Nothing will escape me.

The yordle's large ears perk up and face towards me. He runs on all fours with a bone boomerang in hand, quickly stopping in front of me. He babbles.

I nod in appreciation at the young yordle and venture onwards. I traverse the difficult terrain with ease, trying to pick up any sign of my quarry. As I try to pick up his scent, a distraction. I'm startled by strange chittering. The yordle followed me. I cannot allow him to disrupt my hunt. I face him and point into the distance. He looks at me quizzically. I need to be more insistent, good omen or no.

I rear back and let out a roar, the wind whipping the yordle's fur and the ground rumbling beneath us. After a few short seconds, he turns his head and, with what I think could be a smile, he holds up his small boomerang. There can be no further delay. I snatch the weapon out of his hand and expertly throw it into a tree, impaling it high amongst the branches. He turns and scrambles for it, jumping frantically.

I barely get ten paces when a roar shakes me to my very spine. The deafening crack of stone and wood echoes all around. Ahead, a giant tree crashes across my path. The bone weapon of the yordle juts out from its trunk.

An unearthly growl rises behind me.

I've made a terrible mistake.

-  Rengar


PassiveRage Gene
Rage Gene.png
(Fury) While in Mini Gnar form, Gnar generates Fury upon dealing or receiving damage. Gnar's Fury decays if he has not dealt or received damage in the last 13 seconds.

(Innate) When Mini Gnar fills his fury bar entirely , he gains access to an alternate set of abilities which all share his normal abilities' cooldowns. After either 5 seconds or upon casting an ability, Gnar transforms into Mega Gnar for 15 seconds while his Fury decreases. Once all his Fury is consumed, Gnar reverts back into Mini Gnar, retaining the same health percentage, and becomes unable to generate fury for 15 seconds.

Fury upon dealing/receiving damage:
4 / 7 / 11 over 3 seconds
Fury upon hitting an enemy:
0.5 / 0.75 / 1.25 (quadrupled to 2 / 3 / 5 against champions)
 Mini Gnar:
Movement Speed: 10-30
Bonus Attack Range: 245 + (5 x level)
Attack Speed: (5.5 x level)%
Mega Gnar:
Health: 30 + (40 x level)
Armor/Magic Resist: (2 x level)
Base Attack Damage: 4 + (2 x level)

QBoomerang Throw / Boulder TossBanshee's Veil.png
Boomerang Throw.png

Boulder Toss.png
 Mini Gnar - Active Gnar throws his boomerang forward in a line, dealing physical damage and slowing all enemies hit for 2 seconds. Enemies beyond the first take only half damage and each enemy can only be damaged once.

Upon striking an enemy or reaching maximum range, the boomerang will slowly come to an end, accelerating along the way and traveling back towards Gnar in a fixed direction. If Gnar catches his Boomerang, the ability's cooldown is reduced by 45% (+5% x Template:Ai's rank).

Range: 1100 / 2500
Cooldown: 20 / 17.5 / 15 / 12.5 / 10 seconds
Physical Damage: 5 / 35 / 65 / 95 / 125
(+115% of Attack Damage)
Slow: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35%
Mega Gnar - Active Gnar throws a boulder that stops when it hits an enemy, dealing physical damage and slowing all enemies hit within range. If Gnar picks up his boulder, Boulder Toss's cooldown is reduced by 60%.
Range: 1100
Impact Radius: 250
Physical Damage: 5 / 45 / 85 / 125 / 165
(+120% of Attack Damage)

WHyper / WallopBanshee's Veil.pngQuicksilver Sash.png

 Mini Gnar - Passive Gnar's basic attacks and damaging abilities apply up to 3 marks to enemy units.

The third mark consumes all marks on the target dealing magic damage and granting Gnar 30% (+15% x Template:Ai's rank) bonus movement speed that decays over 3 seconds.

Additionally, Gnar gains the same bonus movement speed whenever he transforms back into Mini Gnar from Mega Gnar.

Magic Damage: 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 (+100% per Ability Power)
(+6% / 8% / 10% / 12% / 14% of Target's Max Health)
Max Damage vs Monsters: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300
Mega Gnar - Active Gnar stands on his back legs before slamming his fists into the ground, dealing physical damage and stunning enemies in a large area in front of him for 1.25 seconds.
Cooldown: 15 / 13 / 11 / 9 / 7 seconds
Physical Damage: 25 / 45 / 65 / 85 / 105
(+100% of Attack Damage)

EHop / CrunchBanshee's Veil.png

 Mini Gnar - Active Gnar leaps to a location, gaining bonus attack speed for 3 seconds. If Gnar lands on any unit he will bounce off it, traveling further. Additionally, if Gnar lands on a enemy or neutral target, he will also deal them physical damage and slows them by 60% for 0.5 second.

If Gnar uses Hop while having 100 Fury, Hop will turn into Template:Ai, which keeps Hop's bounce but applies Crunch's area of effect around both areas, though the ability can only damage enemies once.

Cooldown: 18 / 16.5 / 15 / 13.5 / 12 seconds
Physical Damage: 20 / 60 / 100 / 140 / 180
(+6% of Gnar's Max Health)
Attack Speed: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60%
Mega Gnar - Active Gnar leaps to a target location, applying Template:Ai's physical damage and slow to all nearby enemies upon impact.
Range: 475

RGNAR!Banshee's Veil.png
 Mini Gnar - Passive Hyper's movement speed bonus is increased. Boomerang Throw's on-catch cooldown reduction are increased.
Total Movement Speed: 45 / 60 / 75%
Total On-Catch Cooldown Reduction: 50 / 55 / 60%
Mega Gnar - Active Gnar knocks all nearby enemies in the specified direction, dealing physical damage and slowing them by 45% for a short duration. Any enemy that hits terrain takes 50% increased damage and are stunned instead of slowed.
Range: 590
Cooldown: 120 / 100 / 80 seconds
Physical Damage: 200 / 300 / 400
(+20% of Attack Damage) (+50% of Ability Power)
Physical Damage Against Terrain: 300 / 450 / 600
(+30% of Attack Damage) (+75% of Ability Power)
Slow/Stun Duration: 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 seconds

Patch History


Base attack damage up.

Simply put - Gnar's underperforming in the top lane, specifically in the early stages of the lane. That in itself isn't a problem - Gnar's a champion of highs and lows (on account of his rapidly oscillating 'Mega' and 'Mini' forms), so a little bit of variance isn't out of the question. What's actually worrying is that Gnar's underperforming when the majority of his opposing top laners are the very tanks he's intended to bully. Gnar's always been an important 'release-valve' pick teams can fall on when tanks get out of line, so we're tossing him the same attack damage adjustment we gave marksmen back in Preseason to help him curve smoothly into the adorable little predator he was born to be.



Rage Gene.png Passive - Rage Gene

ONE FIST SHORT : Now accurately displays the amount of bonus range Gnar gets over Mega Gnar.

GNAR!.png R - GNAR!

REAL MATURE : Fixed a bug where minions and monsters tossed by GNAR! would receive damage after a brief delay rather than upon landing.

Attack Range Changes
A few champions are getting increased range. Except Nunu and Tahm Kench. You know what you did.

With preseason being the time to dig deep and reevaluate assumptions, we finally started looking at attack ranges as a stat for tuning rather than just something we did simply because characters have polearms. This is only a first pass as we start to think of melee attack ranges as in 'tiers', first of 125 and 175, but possibly even up to 225! This means a few bonuses to range for some champions that have trouble movin' around in combat or just needed the love. We'll be back relatively soon for a follow-up, but at least now Trundle won't look so goofy as he punches you with his enormous iceclub.

ATTACK RANGE : 150 175
ATTACK RANGE : 200 175
ATTACK RANGE : 125 175
ATTACK RANGE : 125 175

v5.3 Gnar's gotta better manage his Gnar-Bar if he wants to GNAR!! in Mega Gnar. Gnarly.

"From concept to release, Gnar has always been built around his unique transformation trigger and its inherent inconsistency. Will the enemy engage because Mega Gnar's losing steam? Should we begin a fight and have Gnar transform as it begins? These are the types of questions we want his teammates to ask, and the type of situations the Gnar player to manage. When a champion based on unreliability becomes a staple competitive pick (where reliability reigns supreme), we felt like something was up.
Due to a bug since his release (oops), Mega Gnar was lasting a good bit longer than intended - discovering this, we thought it would be a good time to tighten the windows Gnar has to go crazy so we can really accentuate his highs and lows. We're not trying to make Gnar disappear, but teams should have to work a little harder than just picking Jarvan IV. Shots fired."
  • Rage Gene.png Passive - Rage Gene
    • 'TIRED' DEBUFF DURATION : 13 seconds 15 seconds
    • MEGA GNAR DURATION : 19 seconds 15 seconds (as a note, the tooltip originally said 15 seconds, but it was actually 19 seconds)

v5.1 Boomerang Throw's cooldown refund is lower, but ranks back up to normal through ranks via Gnar!

"Unlike Gnar's origins, this yordle's strong laning phase is no big secret. Pulling back on the uptime of his harass should make things more manageable in the early game, while ranking his ultimate lets him keep up with the pace of frantic late-game teamfights."
  • Boomerang Throw.png Q - Boomerang Throw
  • R - GNAR!
    • [NEW] THEMATICALLY THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE : Increases Boomerang Throw's cooldown refund on catch to 50/55/60%


Lots of complicated math means that Mega Gnar gets less stats early on but more later. Boomerang and Boulder Toss are getting their damage shifted into the AD ratio. Hyper's damage is going down in the early game and Wallop's cooldown is going up.

"Gnar's become quite the handful when it comes to his bullying potential. Sweeping changes to his early-game bases should give him a bit of a time out (heh, get it?) during the laning phase, while buffs to Mega Gnar's late-game scaling means you probably still wouldn't like him when he's angry. "
  • General
  • Rage Gene.png Passive - Rage Gene
    • MINI GNAR MOVEMENT SPEED : +10-25 (9 + (+1 per level from 1-14 / +0.5 per level at 15-18)) +10-30 (9 + (+1 per level from 1-15 / +2 per level at 16-18))
    • MINI GNAR ATTACK SPEED : Due to the 2015 preseason changes to base stats, Mini Gnar's attack speed bonus has been folded into his base attack speed and converted to a growth stat. Mini Gnar now has an attack speed growth stat of 6. This should have no functional impact on Gnar.
    • THIS GETS COMPLICATED : With the 2015 preseason changes to base stats, Mega Gnar had some of his bonuses shifted around so he wouldn't break the system. In addition to reverting Mega Gnar's bonuses into base growth stats, we've done two things to affect Mega Gnar - his early attack damage and health are lower in the early game, but higher at later levels. The math behind this change (especially as it converts from per-level stats to growth stats) gets very complicated, but the raw difference is that, at level 1, Mega Gnar will lose about 30 health and 4 attack damage compared to he would have had. Mega Gnar's new growth stats are listed below:
    • HEALTH REGENERATION GROWTH STAT : +3 health per 5 seconds
  • Boomerang Throw.png Q - Boomerang Throw
    • BOOMERANG DAMAGE : 10/45/80/115/150 (+1.0 total attack damage) 5/35/65/95/125 (+1.15 total attack damage)
    • BOOMERANG WIDTH : 60 55
  • Boulder Toss.png Q - Boulder Toss
    • BOULDER DAMAGE : Now 10/50/90/130/170 (+1.15 total attack damage) 5/45/85/125/165 (+1.2 total attack damage)
  • Hyper.png W - Hyper
    • BASE DAMAGE : 25/30/35/40/45 10/20/30/40/50
    • MAX MAGIC DAMAGE VERSUS MONSTERS : 75/125/175/225/275 100/150/200/250/300
  • Wallop.png W - Wallop
    • COOLDOWN  : 12/11/10/9/8 seconds 15/13/11/9/7 seconds

Gnar's ultimate and similar skills work with player-made terrain (this time, Jarvan's actually helping). Part one of three.

"Continuing to clean up GNAR! with some consistency work across all wall-slams. As with the changes to Poppy and Vayne you'll see below, we'll be watching to see the effects of these changes play out and ready to adjust accordingly. "
  • 20px R - GNAR!
    • NEW COME ON AND SLAM Now detects collision with player created terrain (Anivia's Crystallize, Azir's Emperor's Divide, Jarvan's Cataclysm and Trundle's Pillar of Ice)
    • WAP! Fixed a bug where using GNAR! on a dashing unit would cancel their movement, but not stun them, if they hit a wall.

Gnar gets his bonus health immediately on transforming (rather than slightly delayed). Boomerang works more logically and its width, speed, and return indicators have all been improved. Boulders now get picked up and thrown faster, and they fly faster. GNAR! has an AP ratio (but please, for your sake, don't try AP Gnar).

"We've been keeping a close eye on Gnar during the past two weeks, and while we try not to make major changes during big learning periods, we did see the opportunity to improve some of his play patterns. In other words, while these are definitely buffs, they're more 'spritual improvements' that we'd like to do regardless of power. So even if Gnar ends up being too strong (or too weak), these are changes we're making to get him to feel better, and future tuning points would be unrelated."
  • General
    • SO MANY POSSIBILITIES Recommended items have been updated
    • BASE HEALTH REGEN 3 health regen per 5 seconds ⇒ 5 health regen per 5 seconds
  • Passive - Rage Gene
    • GROWTH SPURT Fixed a bug where Gnar wouldn't get his bonus health immediately on transforming
  • Boomerang Throw.png Q - Boomerang Throw
    • NEW THAT'S A SMART BOOMERANG Boomerang's return logic has been improved to better track Gnar
    • OUTGOING WIDTH 45 ⇒ 60
    • RETURN WIDTH 70 ⇒ 75
    • MINIMUM SPEED 1000 ⇒ 1400
    • BOOMERANG CLARITY Boomerang's return particles have been improved!
  • Boulder Toss.png Q - Boulder Toss
    • BODY BLOCK Boulder now checks to see if any enemy champions are standing really close to Gnar's center point when he casts (and it now hits them)
    • SHRAPNEL Boulder now does its area-effect damage in a small radius on landing if it hits no enemies
    • BOULDER SPEED 2000 ⇒ 2100
    • BOULDER WIDTH 80 ⇒ 90
    • GOOD FORM, GNAR Gnar takes 0.5 seconds ⇒ 0.3 seconds to pick up a Boulder before he throws it
  • Wallop.png W - Wallop
    • WHOOPS Fixed a bug where enemies could sometimes cast spells when Wallop's stun was overlapped with GNAR!'s stun
  • 20px GNAR! (R)
    • NEW MAGICAL GNAR Now scales with 0.0 AP ⇒ 0.5 AP
    • RELIABLE GNAR! Fixed a bug where GNAR!'s knockback ministun (not the wall stun) would sometimes be removed too early
    • GNAR SO STRONG Gnar now move and perform actions after casting GNAR! in 0.5 ⇒ 0.4 seconds

 Gnar released


  • 2015

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