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Health:750 +100 per player level
Attack Damage:90
Range:125 (estimate)
Magic Resistance:0
Critical Strike Chance:?
Attack Speed:0.638
Movement Speed:447
Initial Spawn Time:1:55
Respawn Time:3:00
Gold Gain on Kill:75
Experience Gain on Kill:150


The Ghast is a neutral monster found on the Twisted Treeline map with two Wraiths. In-game, it is described as "A tough monster that takes less damage from physical attacks and steals life each time it strikes. Killing this monster blesses your champion with movement speed and disable resistance." Despite the description, the Crest of Flowing Water buff only grants increased movement speed.

Despite its similar look, the Ghast is not to be confused with the Wraith found on Summoner's Rift.

Ghast was removed during the Twisted Treeline remake that took place on October 25th, 2012.


  • If a champion with the Crest of Flowing Water buff is killed, the buff will transfer to the killer(unless the player died to Minions or Monsters.)