GeForce e-Sports Campus League 2014 Spring Season

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2014 GeForce e-Sports Campus League Spring Season
GeForce e-Sports Campus League.png
League Information
Event TypeOffline
Event ServerTW
CountryTaiwan Taiwan
Prize PoolNT$1,400,000+ Hardware
Start Date2014-06-21
End Date2014-06-22

2014 GeForce e-Sports Campus League Spring Season is a minor tournament organized by Nvidia and Garena Taiwan for high school and college students in Taiwan.



  • Two Individual Group: High School and College
  • Four Areas in each group: East, North, Middle and South area.
  • Every 32 Teams in each area will divided into another Division.
  • All Games are Best of One except The Grand Final is Best of Three.
  • Semi-finals and the finals of group stage are offline.
  • One team from each area will compete in playoffs.

Prize Pool

Totally 1,400,000 NT Dollar (≈46,637 USD) and hardware prizes are spread among the teams as seen below:

High School

Place Prize Team
size=24px 1st NT$ 300,000 File:Juang Jing Vocational High Schoollogo std.png  Juang Jing Vocational High School
Silver.png 2nd NT$ 100,000 File:National Tao-yuan AIV High Schoollogo std.png  National Tao-yuan AIV High School
Bronze.png 3rd NT$ 70,000
Copper.png 4th NT$ 30,000


Place Prize Team
size=24px 1st NT$ 500,000
Silver.png 2nd NT$ 200,000
Bronze.png 3rd NT$ 150,000
Copper.png 4th NT$ 50,000


High School Teams (4)
File:National Tao-yuan AIV High Schoollogo std.png National Tao-yuan AIV High School File:Shin Shing High Schoollogo std.png Shin Shing High School
File:Juang Jing Vocational High Schoollogo std.png Juang Jing Vocational High School File:Linkou Senior High Schoollogo std.png Linkou Senior High School
College Teams (4)
File:The Chinese University of Hong Konglogo std.png The Chinese University of Hong Kong National Formosa Universitylogo std.png National Formosa University
File:I-Shou Universitylogo std.png I-Shou University Tamkang Universitylogo std.png Tamkang University


High School Results

  Semifinals Finals
  38px SSHS 0
  38px TYAI 1
  38px TYAI 0
  38px JJVS 2
  38px JJVS 1
  38px LKSH 0 3rd place match
  38px SSHS
  38px LKSH

College Results

  Semifinals Finals
  National Formosa Universitylogo std.png NFU
  Tamkang Universitylogo std.png TKU
  38px CUHK
  38px ISU

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