Force of Nature (Item)

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Force of Nature
Force of Nature.png
Effects:+40 health regeneration
+76 magic resistance
+8% movement speed
Passive:Unique: Restores 0.35% of your champion's maximum health every second
Cost:2,610g (1,000g)
Sell Value:1,827g
Item Code:3109

Force of Nature.png
Regrowth Pendant.png
Regrowth Pendant.png
Negatron Cloak.png

Force of Nature was an advanced item available in Classic and Dominion mode. It was removed in the v1.0.0.152 patch.


  1. Defense > Health Regen
  2. Defense > Magic Resist
  3. Movement


  • The 1.75% regeneration will be displayed as part of the champion's health regen.
  • Force of Nature was the only item to provide both magic resistance and health regeneration.
  • Force of Nature's passive was later reworked into Warmog's Armor's passive

Patch History

  • Item removed.

July 10, 2009 Patch

June 26, 2009 Patch

  • Reduced movement speed from 8% to 7%
  • Reduced health regen percent from 1.2 to 1
  • Reduced health regen proc from 50% to 40% life

June 19, 2009 Patch

  • Health regen percent reduced from 1.5 to 1.2

June 12, 2009 Patch

  • Force of Nature added