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Background Information
NameOlof Medin
Country of BirthSweden
RoleTop Laner
Peak LeagueChallenger I
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
PkDlogo std.png PkD9/20141/2015
Meloncatslogo std.png Meloncats0/201412/2014
TPMlogo std.png TPM5/20156/2015
Overlogo std.png Over7/20159/2015
Exertuslogo std.png Exertus9/20150/2015
ESGlogo std.png ESG0/20150/2015
AAalogo std.png aAa0/201511/2015
FMlogo std.png FM11/201511/2015
Asterion eSports 2 logo 25.png AST12/201512/2015
Dignitaslogo std.png d3/20166/2016
Novalogo std.png Nova6/201611/2016
ASUSlogo std.png ARMY8/201610/2016
Giantslogo std.png GIA12/20165/2017
TKlogo std.png TK5/20175/2017
Blanklogo std.png none6/201711/2017
Movistar Riders logo 25.png MRS1/20184/2018
Diabolus Esports logo 25.png DBL6/20189/2018
GLKlogo std.png GLK02/2019Current
"Flaxxish" (Real Name: Olof Medin) is a Swedish League of Legends player, currently a Top Laner for Galakticos.


Olof "Flaxxish" Medin started playing computer games at almost the same time he started walking. He began by playing Warcraft 2 and Starcraft LAN games with his brother before moving on to Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3, until he found his way to Dota. After many years of pubstomping on the Battle.net, and playing WoW and Maple Story, his classmates convinced him to try League of Legends, and he fell in love with the game with his first pentakill.

2014 Season

Flaxxish joined his first notable team, Planetkey Dynamics towards the end of the season, and played in EPS Germany - Winter 2014. He and the team managed to qualify for the group stage but were unable to progress to the offline finals.

2015 Season

At the same time, Flaxxish was part of the roster of Meloncats, and he managed to qualify for the 2015 Spring Expansion Tournament with them via the Challenger Ladder but was unable to participate in the tournament because on November 19th, 2014, Riot announced that he had violated the Summoner’s Code by in-game harassment, verbal abuse, and continual use of racial slurs. He was suspended from European LCS Expansion Tournament and all Riot-affiliated League of Legends tournaments through the 2015 Spring Split.[1]

At the end of March 2015, it was announced that Flaxxish's competitive ban was to be kept in place through the Summer Split, though it was noted that he had made progress.[2]

A few months later, Flaxxish joined Team Popmog, and participated in the ESL Meisterschaft - Summer 2015, but left the team before the group stage.

Soon after, Flaxxish subbed in for Atlantis eSports in the LVP Season 8 Final Cup along with Maxlore. However, the team was knocked out by wSystem in the quarterfinals. He then joined OverGaming - during his time on the team, they finished 1st at Island of Legends 2015, beating PainGaming in the final. They also competed in LVP Season 9, though Flaxxish left soon after the start of the season.

Flaxxish then joined Exertus Esports and participated in the ESL UK Premiership - Summer 2015. He also joined EURONICS Gaming, with whom he participated in the ESL Meisterschaft - Winter 2015, and against All authority to play in the ESL Championnat National - Autumn 2015.

After EURONICS Gaming disbanded, Flaxxish left Exertus Esports and joined FM eSports to continue to play in the in the ESL UK Premiership - Summer 2015, helping his new team to qualify for the playoffs, but leaving before the playoffs themselves. He also left against All authority, along with Amin.

2016 Season

At the start of the season, Flaxxish was notified by Riot that his in-game behavior had improved to a satisfying degree and his suspension had been uplifted.[3]

He went on to join Team Asterion to compete in the EUCS Spring Open Qualifier. They were knocked out of the EUW bracket by eventual qualifiers Millenium in the quarterfinals.


  • First contact with pro gaming was in 2008 at age 11 - he won the DotA tournament at a LAN, the final game ending with his team destroying the other team's fountain (then possible with evasion stacking).
  • Notably taunts and 1v1s Faker in a video with over 300k views.
  • Once fell asleep at a LAN under a bed, on the floor, while people were looking for him.
  • Always wins against his family on Settlers, the board game.
  • Is an avid anime fan and was first introduced to the genre by Pokemon and Dragonball. Hunter X Hunter, Trigun, and Death Note are some of his favorite series.


Date Event Result
2015-10-13 ESL Meisterschaft Winter 2015 Cup #1 Gold.png EURONICS Gaming 1 : 0 Blanklogo std.png Not found
2015-10-06 LVP Season 9 Sprint 1 SF.png OverGaming 1 : 2 CLlogo std.png CooLife Gaming
2015-07-18 Island of Legends 2015 Gold.png OverGaming 2 : 1 PainGlogo std.png PainGaming
2015-05-03 ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2015 SF.png Planetkey Dynamics 1 : 2 Mouzlogo std.png mousesports



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