Farsight Alteration

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Farsight Alteration
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Active:Unique: Reveals an area up to 4000 units away for 2 seconds and places a visible, 1-Health ward that last indefinitely *(148 - 99 seconds cooldown at levels 9-18).
Sell Value:333g

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  1. Trinket

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Patch History


Cooldown up.

When it comes to diversity of Trinkets, Farsight’s been on top of the vision-throne for long while. Come mid-game, stacking Farsight trinkets changes the vision game drastically a rendering certain strategies revolving around making picks or ambushing virtually obsolete. We’re happy that Farsight’s more flexible in a wider number of vision-control strategies, we’re just adjusting so it’s not also crowding out the space entirely.

COOLDOWN : 90-60 seconds (at levels 9-18) 148-99 seconds (at levels 9-18)

Blue wards now have their own unique minimap icon.

For those times when your team peppers the map with blue wards and you're trying to figure out your regular ward count at a glance but get really confused because there's 20 of them sitting in your jungle.

We got your back.

NEW MINIMAP WARD ICON : Is now smaller and more lightly tinted than a regular ward icon
NEW DYNAMIC CURSOR COLOR : Farsight Totem now shares similar behavior with other warding actives. Your targeting cursor will now turn green when over brush and red when in terrain.

Cooldown up.

By contrast, Farsight's dominance tends to warp the strategic game - putting more weight on its spot use as an in-fight or pre-fight reveal, but offering very little in the way of long-term vision to control objectives or jungle corridors. Farsight's effect is powerful enough that we're confident it'll still see use for what it does, but it shouldn't feel like your default option in 100% of games.

ACTIVE COOLDOWN : 76 seconds - 60 seconds 92 seconds - 60 seconds

Longer cooldown, less vision.

The rock-paper-scissors of the trinket system is starting to catch on, but the widespread use of Farsight is providing too much long-term vision for teams to keep up with, turning most games into a constant spotlight-search of clairvoyance on both sides. We’re making the trinket less spammable and lowering the vision radius to make it less sufficient in multiples, especially when compared long-term to a few Warding Totems.

COOLDOWN : 61 - 48 seconds (at levels 9-18) 90 - 60 seconds (at levels 9-18)
WARD VISION RADIUS : 900 500 (initial clairvoyance radius unchanged)
CLAIRVOYANT : Now displays a 'dual' indicator to show both the range of the clairvoyance and the vision range of the ward placed.


ALTERED TOTEM : At level 9, you can alter your Warding Totem into a Farsight Totem. Once altered, Farsight Totem instead places a visible, 1-health ward from far away, briefly revealing the surrounding area.
COOLDOWN : 40% of Warding Totem's charge cooldown (61 - 48 seconds at levels 9 - 18)
RANGE : 4000 units
THIS ONE'S SPECIAL : Farsight Totem's ward doesn't count against your ward limits

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