Expose Weakness (2016 Mastery)

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Ferocity Cunning Resolve


Expose Weakness is a tier 2 ferocity mastery with 1 rank. The mastery needs 5 points invested in the Ferocity tree to be selected.


  • Damaging enemy champions causes them to take 3% more damage from your allies.

Patch History


New Mastery added to Ferocity Tier 1

Like the Assassin mastery some patches back, we're adding Expose Weakness as a means to assist offensive supports. While many are perfectly happy with their Bonds of Stone and Windspeaker's Blessings, incentivizing a dip into Ferocity should appeal to the bloodthirsty supports out looking for, well, blood.

Mastery Expose Weakness.png Expose Weakness

FRAUD DETECTED : Damaging enemy champions causes them to take 3% increased damage from your allies