Enchantment - Cinderhulk

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Enchantment - Cinderhulk
Enchantment - Cinderhulk.png
Effects:+400 Health
Passive:UNIQUE: Grants +15% bonus health
Immolate: Deals 7 + (2 x level) magic damage to nearby enemies during combat. This deals 100% bonus damage to monsters.
Cost:2625g (4750g)
Sell Value:1575g

Enchantment - Cinderhulk.png
Bami's Cinder.png
Enchantment - Cinderhulk is an enchantment available for all upgraded Hunter's Machete items introduced in the 2015 Preseason Patch.


  • Enchantment - Cinderhulk should be bought when an increase in tankiness is required.


  • Originally implemented as Enchantment - Juggernaut, which gave Health, CDR, and Tenacity.

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Patch History


Aura scales better with levels.

For an item meant to help tanks scale into the lategame, Cinderhulk’s been all but forgotten next to the shiny base damage of Runic Echoes. With Cinderhulk’s intended role as an investment toward a tank’s endgame statline, it didn’t make much sense for it to end up weaker than Sunfire Cape’s aura (considering they don’t stack). We’re fixing things to break even with old Cinderhulk at level 6, around when most junglers are completing it anyways.

IMMOLATE DAMAGE : 15 + 0.6 per level 7 + 2 per level


TOTAL cost : 2250 gold 2625 gold
BUILD path : Bami's Cinder + Tier 2 Jungle Item + 475 gold

Higher up-front health, but lower multiplier

While no longer the dominant pickup it once was, Cinderhulk is a late-game focused item for a class of champions that already flourish at the end of the game. While this nerfs the 6-item health pools of Cinderhulk users, the boost upon completion represents a stronger mid-game to keep from being totally eclipsed by their Devourer and Runeglaive brethren on the way to full-build

HEALTH : 300 400

No longer turns ‘on' until you deliberately enter combat.

"We implemented a version of this change with the original Cinderhulk, where it would only start dealing aura damage to jungle monsters when you entered combat. With all other units (minions, champions, etc), Cinderhulk was just perpetually dealing damage. This change now toggles all of that off - unless the Cinderhulk wearer enters combat (by being attacked or attacking something), they won't deal fire aura damage. So now you can pass by a clashing minion wave without de-toggling your Boots of Mobility, unless a minion happens to whomp you in the face."
  • STEALTH HULK : Cinderhulk now only turns ‘on' its damage aura when the champion deliberately enters combat (or is attacked)

Cinderhulk no longer ramps up in damage while in combat and deals less base damage. HOWEVER, it now deals double damage to monsters. Which is nice.

"It's clear that Cinderhulk's got two big strengths - a scaling defense component (+25% bonus health) and a lot of ramping ambient damage against champions. After our initial investigations, we realized we didn't want to reduce the defensive component of Cinderhulk, so we instead tackled its offensive potential. This is a slightly designer-y way of saying we want Cinderhulk to keep its tanky identity, but is probably overtuned in its champion-mauling capabilities. That said, we're trying to not just straight nerf it, so re-clarifying Cinderhulk as a jungle clearing pickup seems like a good idea."
  • [NEW] TECHNICALLY WE'RE PROMOTING FOREST FIRES : Now does +100% bonus damage to monsters
  • [REMOVED] FIRE CONTROL : Cinderhulk's Immolate passive no longer increases in damage while in combat
  • BASE DAMAGE : 16 (+1 per champion level) magic damage scaling up to 24 (+1.5 per champion level) magic damage 15 (+0.6 per champion level) magic damage

Health down, gold cost up to parity with other enchants.

"Two nerfs, one very much intended (base health reduction), one technically a bug fix that's in line with what we want anyway (+50 gold cost). We don't think anyone should be surprised by these power reductions, but additional context goes like this: an item doesn't need to be a "one stop shop" of core stats for it to be ideal. It might seem counterintuitive that we're reducing Cinderhulk's tanky stats while saying we want to preserve its identity as a tanky jungler item, but that's because Cinderhulk incentivizes its wearers (users? holders?) to further itemize down an intended path (health for more scaling, tanky stats to stay in the battle longer, etc) so we can rely on those second, third, and fourth items to round out the build. Making an item that does everything just encourages off-role champions to pick it up because they get 'everything' they need rather than having to commit to a playstyle to support it.
This is a very long context to say that Cinderhulk doesn't kill champions, champions building the health to support Cinderhulk kill champions. "
  • HEALTH : 350 300
  • COST : 2200 gold 2250 gold

Juggernaut has been replaced by Cinderhulk.

"See above with our point regarding a tanky item that also boosts clear speeds. This is that item all grown up. It's also important to note that +25% bonus health stat. Note it. Appreciate it. "
  • RECIPE : Tier 2 Jungle Item + Bami's Cinder + 350 gold (2200 gold total)
  • HEALTH : 350
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE : Grants +25% bonus health
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE : Immolate - Deals 16 (+ 1 per champion level) magic damage to nearby enemies. Increases with time in combat up to 24 (+ 1.5 per champion level).


All tier 2 jungle items have been increased by 100 gold, all tier 3 jungle item enchantments have been reduced by 100 gold.'

"Thus far, jungle items have gotten a little snowbally - particularly for those who can snag a few kills on an early invade to get their upgraded Smite before camps have even spawned."
  • ALL TIER 2 JUNGLE ITEMS : 350 gold 450 gold
  • ALL TIER 3 JUNGLE ENCHANTMENTS : Costs for all tier 3 jungle enchantments have been reduced by 100 gold

Enchantment - Juggernaut.png Enchantment - Juggernaut (NEW)

  • RECIPE : Kindlegem + Ruby Crystal + any upgraded Hunter's Machete + 250 gold
  • TOTAL COST : 2250 gold
  • HEALTH  : 500
  • TENACITY  : 35%