Elixir of Wrath

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Elixir of Wrath
Elixir of Wrath.png
Effects:Grants +30 Attack Damage and Bloodlust for 3 Minutes
Passive:Bloodlust: Dealing physical damage to champions heals for +15% of the damage dealt.
Sell Value:160g

Elixir of Wrath.png
Elixir of Wrath is a consumable item in League of Legends introduced in the 2015 Preseason Patch.


  • Elixir of Wrath gives the stats equivalent to a Bilgewater Cutlass but instead of just Life Steal it is all physical damage.
  • Only one Elixir can be active at any point in time
  • Elixirs cannot be purchased before level 9
  • Elixirs will stay active upon death because it runs on a timer.
  • Elixirs are automatically applied when purchased if there are already six items in the inventory


  1. Consumables
  2. Attack > Damage
  3. Attack > Life Steal


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Patch History


Can drink elixirs while dead.

If you're like us, you may have found it frustrating to respawn at a tense moment, delaying your battle charge by having to double-click an Elixir. Considering Elixirs are items too, we've now made it so you purchase them while dead to get to your battle faster. Important note: if you buy an elixir while dead, it'll begin ticking down instantly, but the amount of time you have left to respawn will be added to the duration - so your elixirs always last the correct amount. Don't freak out!

thirsty : Can now be purchased while dead if your inventory is full (duration is increased by the amount left on your respawn timer)

Damage and healing increased, but no longer resets.

TOTAL cost : 400 gold 500 gold
ATTACK damage : 25 30
BLOODLUST HEAL : 10% of all physical damage dealt 15% of all physical damage dealt
REMOVED ANGER MANAGEMENT : Kills and assists no longer extend the duration

Elixir of Wrath.png Elixir of Wrath (NEW)

  • COST : 400 gold
  • DRINK ME BLOODLUST!!!! : +25 attack damage and the Bloodlust buff for 3 minutes
  • BLOODLUST : Dealing physical damage to champions heals for +10% of the damage dealt. Scoring a kill or assist extends the duration of this Flask by 30 seconds.