Ebonmaw, The Terror of Zaun

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Ebonmaw, The Terror of Zaun
Health:2450 + 200 per player level
Attack Damage:275
Range:200 (estimate)
Critical Strike Chance:0%
Attack Speed:0.625
Movement Speed:330
Initial Spawn Time:4:40
Respawn Time:5:00
Gold Gain on Kill:280
Experience Gain on Kill:200


Ebonmaw, The Terror of Zaun is the most powerful neutral monster on the Twisted Treeline map. While it is commonly referred to as "Dragon" due to being the only dragon-like monster on the map, it should not be confused with the Dragon from Summoner's Rift.

Once defeated, Ebonmaw will grant the Crest of the Crushing Wrath buff to all living members of the killing team. This buff increases the damage dealt by champions' attacks and spells by 1% per champion level. Killing Ebonmaw also grants 280 gold and 200 experience to each member of the killing team. The player to deliver the killing blow to Ebonmaw gains an additional 25 gold.

Ebonmaw, The Terror of Zaun was removed from Twisted Treeline on October 25, 2012. He was replaced by Vilemaw, a giant spider granting a buff similar to Baron Nashor's


  • Because of the global gold and damage increasing buff, keeping Ebonmaw under your control through warding and killing it when it spawns can be essential to winning games.
  • Killing Ebonmaw can be difficult and is not recommended to attempt solo.