EU LCS S3 Spring Ranked 5s Qualifiers

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Season 3 European Offline Qualifiers
League Information
OrganizerRiot Games
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerEU
Start Date2013-01-04
End Date2013-01-05

The Season 3 European Ranked 5s Online Qualifier is a tournament hosted by Riot Games to determine eight of the sixteen teams that will compete in the Season 3 European Offline Qualifiers.


  • The top 16 teams from EUW & EUNE will play in a unified online tournament
  • Best-of-Three Matches, Single Elimination
  • The team with the higher Elo (Lower seed) will be the “home team” and pick their side (red/blue) during games #1 & #3
  • Top eight teams advance to the offline qualifier
  • Matches are played on the live server with  Vi globally banned

Qualifying Teams

Q Main EventTeam ALTERNATElogo std.png Team ALTERNATE
Against All authoritylogo std.png against All authority
Logo std2.png Heyijustmetyouuu
EloHelllogo std.png EloHell
Mousesportslogo std.png mousesports
Anexis eSportslogo std.png Anexis eSports
Milleniumlogo std.png Millenium
DragonBornslogo std.png DragonBorns

Qualifying Teams' Rosters

Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Logo std2.png Heyijustmetyouuu


For a full list of team rosters, Click Here
  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Europe Team ALTERNATE W
 Europe ClanlessKnights2 FF
 Europe Team ALTERNATE 2
 Poland Smutaha Premadeaha 1
 Poland Smutaha Premadeaha 2
 Poland Absolute Legends 0
 Europe Team ALTERNATE 2
 France Against All Authority 0
 Europe Team WinRar W
 France bipbipBOOP1 FF
 Europe Team WinRar 0
 France Against All Authority 2
 France Against All Authority 2
 Sweden Robot TheFive 0
 Europe Team ALTERNATE
 France Heyijustmetyouuu
 Poland Mysie Pysie 2
 Russia BlorNMostToxicEUW1488 0
 Poland Mysie Pysie 2
 Europe Fureur 0
 Europe Fureur 2
 Poland Gruzowe Chrabonszcze 0
 Poland Mysie Pysie 1
 France Heyijustmetyouuu 2
 France Heyijustmetyouuu W
 Czech Republic eEriness FF
 France Heyijustmetyouuu 2
 Europe Team BLACK 1
 Lithuania GamingGear 0
 Europe Team BLACK 2
 Poland Bajona Robimy w 15 1
 Europe iQuit-Gaming 2
 Europe iQuit-Gaming 0
 Poland Anexis eSports 2
 Poland Anexis eSports 2
 Greece Pentakill Gaming 0
 Poland Anexis eSports 0
 Europe mousesports 2
 Europe mousesports 2
 Slovak Republic Storm Games Clan 0
 Europe mousesports 2
 Germany SNOGARD Dragons 0
 Greece Mad Gods 0
 Germany SNOGARD Dragons 2
 Europe mousesports
 Europe Millenium
 Europe Millenium 2
 Greece Different Dimension 0
 Europe Millenium 2
 Europe Counter Counter Clockwise 0
 Europe Counter Counter Clockwise 2
 Europe Enemy eSports 1
 Europe Millenium 2
 Europe DragonBorns 0
 Greece Test Your Limits 0
 Netherlands LowLandLions 2
 Netherlands LowLandLions 0
 Europe DragonBorns 2
 Europe DragonBorns 2
 Slovak Republic GooGooMooMoo 0
1 bipbipBOOP did not show up, therefore Team WinRar received a Forfeit Win.
2 ClanlessKnights did not show up, therefore Team ALTERNATE received a Forfeit Win.

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