EPS Germany 2012 Spring

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ESL Pro Series Germany Spring 2012
League Information
Event TypeOnline/Offline
Event ServerEU
Prize Pool10,300 €
Start Date2012-02-13
End Date2012-04-29

The 20th Season of the ESL Pro Series Germany (EPS) is a German LoL League organized by the Electronic Sports League.



  • Group Stage
    • One group of 12 teams
    • Round robin best of one
    • First and second place advance to Semi-Finals
    • Third, fourth, fifth and sixth place advance to Quarter-Finals
  • Playoffs
    • Best of three
    • Single Elimination
  • Relegation
    • Best of three
    • Double Elimination

Prize Pool

A total of 10,300 € (7,100 € prize pool + 3,200 € compensation for travel expenses) is spread among the players as seen below:

Place Prize Team
size=24px 1st 4,300 € N!facultylogo std.png n!faculty
Silver.png 2nd 2,600 € LogiXlogo std.png logiX
Bronze.png 3rd 1,900 € Mortal Teamworklogo std.png mortal Teamwork
Copper.png 4th 1,500 € Peculiar gaminglogo std.png peculiar gaming


Germany (12)
LogiXlogo std.png logiX Mortal Teamworklogo std.png mortal Teamwork ESC Gaminglogo std.png ESC Gaming
Peculiar gaminglogo std.png peculiar gaming Team GAMED.DElogo std.png Team GAMED.DE N!facultylogo std.png n!faculty
Team ALTERNATElogo std.png Team ALTERNATE Team Acerlogo std.png Team Acer Team MegashocKlogo std.png Team MegashocK
DRUCKWELLElogo std.png DRUCKWELLE Tt Dragonslogo std.png Tt Dragons EYES ON Ulogo std.png EYES ON U


Group Stage


1. LogiXlogo std.png logiX 8-0 24
2. Mortal Teamworklogo std.png mortal Teamwork 5-3 15
3. ESC Gaminglogo std.png ESC Gaming 5-3 15
4. Peculiar gaminglogo std.png peculiar gaming 5-3 15
5. Team GAMED.DElogo std.png Team GAMED.DE 4-4 12
6. N!facultylogo std.png n!faculty 4-4 12
7. Team ALTERNATElogo std.png Team ALTERNATE 3-5 9
8. Team Acerlogo std.png Team Acer 2-6 6
9. Team MegashocKlogo std.png Team MegashocK 0-8 0
10. DRUCKWELLElogo std.png DRUCKWELLE 0-0 0
11. Tt Dragonslogo std.png Tt Dragons 0-0 0
12. EYES ON Ulogo std.png EYES ON U 0-0 0



  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  LogiXlogo std.png logiX 2
  Team GAMED.DElogo std.png gamed!de 1
  Peculiar gaminglogo std.png P 1
  Peculiar gaminglogo std.png P 2
  LogiXlogo std.png logiX 0
  N!facultylogo std.png n! 2
3rd place match
  N!facultylogo std.png n! 2
  ESC Gaminglogo std.png ESC 0   Peculiar gaminglogo std.png P 0
  Mortal Teamworklogo std.png mTw 0
  N!facultylogo std.png n! 2   Mortal Teamworklogo std.png mTw 2


Winners Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  Team Acerlogo std.png Acer W
  BYE -
  Team Acerlogo std.png Acer 1
  Logo std2.png CrowdControl Gaming 0
  Logo std2.png CrowdControl Gaming W
  38px 5ive FF
  Team Acerlogo std.png Acer 1
  COREPLAYlogo std.png CPLAY Tt 0
  COREPLAYlogo std.png CPLAY Tt W
  BYE -
  COREPLAYlogo std.png CPLAY Tt 1
  38px realitY 0
  BYE -
  38px realitY W
  DRUCKWELLElogo std.png dwe W
  BYE -
  DRUCKWELLElogo std.png dwe 1
  38px iPLAY 0
  NuBreedlogo std.png nuBreed 0
  38px iPLAY 1
  DRUCKWELLElogo std.png dwe 1
  38px DkH 0
  38px DkH W
  Logo std2.png TeamSick FF
  38px DkH W
  Team MegashocKlogo std.png TMsK FF
  BYE -
  Team MegashocKlogo std.png TMsK W

Losers Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
  38px realitY 1
  NuBreedlogo std.png nuBreed W
  NuBreedlogo std.png nuBreed 0   38px DkH 0
  BYE -   38px realitY 1
  38px realitY 1
  Logo std2.png CrowdControl Gaming 0
  Logo std2.png CrowdControl Gaming W
  BYE -
  Logo std2.png TeamSick FF
  Logo std2.png TeamSick W
  Team MegashocKlogo std.png TMsK FF
  38px 5ive W
  38px 5ive W   COREPLAYlogo std.png CPLAY Tt W
  BYE -   38px 5ive FF
  38px iPLAY FF1
  38px iPLAY W
  38px iPLAY W
  BYE -
  BYE -
  BYE -

Final Bracket

From Winners Bracket
Grand Final
  Team Acerlogo std.png Acer
  DRUCKWELLElogo std.png dwe
From Losers Bracket
  38px realitY
  COREPLAYlogo std.png CPLAY Tt

1 iPLAY was disqualified because of using a ringer

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