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The ESL Go4LoL 2015 May introduced a new tournament format. Instead of Weekly Cups with a total of 450 € (split 300/150 € between the finalists) and a 500 € Monthly final (winner takes all), the Monthly Cup now features a 1,100 € prize pool (split 500/300/200/100 €). The Weekly Cups feature RP prizes only. The Top 4 teams of the Monthly finals now automaticaly requlify for the next Monthly final.Link paysafecard Go4LoL Format

Tournament Information

EU West Server and EU East & Nordic Server

Prize Money

  • Sunday Cups: Winner gets RP per player
  • Monthly Finals: Winner gets €500

In-Game Prizes

  • 1st Place: RP per player
  • 2nd Place: RP per player
  • 3rd Place: RP per player
  • 4th Place: RP per player

Point Distribution

Place Points Earned
1st 100 pts
2nd 75 pts
3rd 60 pts
4th 40 pts
5th-8th 25 pts
9th-16th 10 pts
17th-32nd 5 pts


  • Weekly Sunday Cup
    • Each Cup Single Elimination Bracket with each round being Best of One.
    • Top thirty-two teams of each Cup win points and in-game prizes.
  • Monthly Finals
    • Each Finals is a Single Elimination Bracket with each round being Best of One, except for Final is Best of Three.
    • Top Eight teams from the monthly rankings qualify to play.
    • Top Four teams of the last monthly final are considered ProTeam and are automatically qualified for the next one.

Monthly Winners

EU West Server

Month Winner VODs
January [[]]
February [[]]
March [[]]
April Germany Caseking Gaming
May United Kingdom Enigma
June United Kingdom Enigma
July United Kingdom Enigma
August Slovenia Bottle Water
September United Kingdom Enigma
October [[]]
November [[]]
December [[]]

EU East & Nordic Server

Month Winner VODs
January [[]]
February [[]]
March [[]]
April [[]]
May Poland Nowe Rozdanie
June Poland Nowe Rozdanie
July Poland TEAM SKALA
August Greece Different Dimension
September Greece Different Dimension
October [[]]
November [[]]
December [[]]