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ESL Pro Series Germany Summer 2013
League Information
gamed!de Gameserver
Kaspersky Lab
Event TypeOnline/Offline
Event ServerEU West
CountryGermany Germany
Prize Pool€ 10,300
Start Date2013-06-17
End Date2013-09-08

The Summer Season of the ESL Pro Series Germany (EPS) is a German LoL League organized by the Electronic Sports League.



  • Group Stage
    • One group of 12 teams
    • Round robin best of one
    • First and second place advance to Semi-Finals
    • Third, fourth, fifth and sixth place advance to Quarter-Finals
  • Playoffs
    • Best of three
    • Single Elimination
  • Relegation
    • Best of three
    • Double Elimination

Prize Pool

A total of € 10,300 (€ 7,100 prize pool + € 3,200 compensation for travel expenses) is spread among the players as seen below:

Place Prize Team
size=24px 1st € 4,300 N!facultylogo std.png n!faculty
Silver.png 2nd € 2,600 COREPLAYlogo std.png COREPLAY
Bronze.png 3rd € 1,900 Mousesportslogo std.png mousesports
Copper.png 4th € 1,500 Team Server-Forgelogo std.png Team Server-Forge


Germany (12)
LogiXlogo std.png logiX Stofftiere Onlinelogo std.png Stofftiere Online ESC Gaminglogo std.png ESC Gaming File:KILLERFISH eSportlogo std.png KILLERFISH eSport
Peculiar gaminglogo std.png peculiar gaming EYES ON Ulogo std.png EYES ON U MyRevengelogo std.png myRevenge Mousesportslogo std.png mousesports
MyRisklogo std.png myRisk COREPLAYlogo std.png COREPLAY Team Server-Forgelogo std.png Team Server-Forge N!facultylogo std.png n!faculty


Group Stage

June 17th - July 22nd

1. Mousesportslogo std.png mousesports 8-2 24
1. Team Server-Forgelogo std.png Team Server-Forge 8-2 24
3. EYES ON Ulogo std.png EYES ON U 6-4 18
3. N!facultylogo std.png n!faculty 6-4 18
5. COREPLAYlogo std.png COREPLAY 5-5 15
5. ESC Gaminglogo std.png ESC Gaming 5-5 15
5. LogiXlogo std.png logiX 5-5 15
5. MyRevengelogo std.png myRevenge 5-5 15
9. Peculiar gaminglogo std.png peculiar gaming 4-6 12
10. File:KILLERFISH eSportlogo std.png KILLERFISH eSport 2-8 6
11. MyRisklogo std.png myRisk 1-9 3
12. Stofftiere Onlinelogo std.png Stofftiere Online1 0-0 0

1 Stofftiere Online is disqualified due to acquiring too many penalty points[1]


July 29th - September 8th

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Mousesportslogo std.png mouz 0
  COREPLAYlogo std.png CPLAY Tt 2
  COREPLAYlogo std.png CPLAY Tt 2
  EYES ON Ulogo std.png EYES 1
  COREPLAYlogo std.png CPLAY Tt 1
  N!facultylogo std.png n! 2
3rd place match
  N!facultylogo std.png n! 2
  N!facultylogo std.png n! 2   Team Server-Forgelogo std.png sForge 0
  Team Server-Forgelogo std.png sForge 1
  ESC Gaminglogo std.png ESC 0   Mousesportslogo std.png mouz 2

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