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{{team_info isdisbanded=Yes |name= EHOME |location= China |image=EHOME logo.png |coaches= |manager= |captain= |website=eh-gaming.com/ |sponsor= |player_number= 0 |created= Organization 2005-04-DD |disbanded= |trades= }}


The EHOME organization was founded in China in 2005. Known for its DotA success, EHOME branched out into the League of Legends scene in November 2010 forming China’s first professional LoL clan.[1] They placed 1st in the 2010 TGC, China’s first major tournament. They picked up new players after NGG disbanded and made it to IEM Guangzhou due to Bida Gaming’s absence. They narrowly made it past the group stage and took 4th place. IMBA and TS joined EHOME in February 2012 in preparation for IEM Hanover.[2] EHOME was the only Chinese team to attend IEM Season 6 Championship after iG and World Elite had to be replaced due to issues with obtaining visas. After their performance in Hanover, Pdd announced his departure from the team and Atd filled his spot in the roster.[3]


  • 2011
  • 2012

Player Roster

  • Former
  • MAX, Top. Nationality: cn.
  • TS, AD. Nationality: cn.
  • Lucky, Support.
  • MR, Jungle. Nationality: cn.
  • MM, Mid. Nationality: cn.
  • DD, Support. Nationality: cn.
  • IMBA, Jungle. Nationality: cn.
  • Atd, Mid. Nationality: cn.
  • Pdd, Top. Nationality: cn.
  • ILY, Jungle. Nationality: cn.
  • Air, Support. Nationality: cn.
  • CR, Support. Nationality: cn.
  • BIUBIU, Support. Nationality: cn.
  • TMR. Nationality: cn.


  • Former
  • 71, Manager. Nationality: cn.
  • CR, Clan Leader. Nationality: cn.


  • 2011
Date Place Event Result Opponent Prize Roster
2011-10-26 Copper.png NoLeague.png 178.com LoL Pro League Season 1 ? : ? IGlogo std.png iG - PDDLuckyMAXILyCr


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