Diamond (David Bérubé)

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Background Information
NameDavid Bérubé
Country of BirthCanada
Peak LeagueMaster I
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Dirtnaplogo std.png DnG9/20120/2012
Azurelogo std.png Azure12/20121/2013
GGUlogo std.png GGU1/20136/2013
CSTlogo std.png CST6/20133/2014
Crs Acadlogo std.png Crs Acad4/20145/2014
FFGlogo std.png FFG5/20146/2014
Armatalogo std.png [[|Armata]]6/201412/2014
Blanklogo std.png none2/20152/2015
TSMlogo std.png TSM Drk2/20153/2015
Mgtclogo std.png Mgtc5/20156/2015
IMGlogo std.png IMG6/20156/2015

David "Diamond" Bérubé is is a Canadian player who was previously a sub for Team Imagine.


David "Diamond" Bérubé was originally known as Diamond and is a Canadian AD carry.

2015 Season

Diamond joined Team Confound in February 2015, the day before they were acquired by the Team SoloMid organization and renamed to TSM Darkness. Despite losing to Cloud9 Tempest in the NACS Spring 2015 Qualifier, the team qualified for the NACS season when it was revealed that Cloud9 Tempest had used a ringer in one of their matches. At the time of the acquisition by TSM, Diamond renamed to Kabigon but then played in the Challenger series under the name t3azer.

Prior to the fourth week of the Challenger series, t3azer leaked scrim footage of games between TSM Darkness and CLG Black to Bee Sin from Team Fusion, prior to CLG Black's games against Team Fusion in the fourth week. A few days after those matches were played, t3azer's actions were revealed to the public.[1] As a result, TSM dropped their sponsorship of TSM Darkness, and the team played their last week in the NACS without t3azer and later held tryouts to replace him when they renamed to Elomingle. t3azer remained a substitute for the team through two more renamings: first to Magnetic prior to the NACS Summer Qualifier and then to Team Imagine after they qualified for the season. t3azer left the team shortly after the start of the summer season.


  • Has played under the IDs Diamond, Kabigon, and t3azer.



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