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Dark Wolves is a Korean e-Sports organization formerly known as Virtual Throne Gaming. The organization rebranded to Dark Wolves in 2015.


2015 Season

Dark Wolves lost 3-1 to Incredible Miracle in LCK Spring Promotion.




  • January 19th, Krvavy, Jinny, and Jelly move to sub. Kyle leaves.
  • February 1st, Jelly moves to starting support. Colorless leaves.
  • February 13rd, Jinny moves to starting AD carry. Lumen leaves.
  • March (approx.), EunJongchan joins as a sub.
  • March 14th, Beast moves to toplaner. Krvavy moves to starting jungler. KaKaRoT moves to sub.
  • March 29th, KaKaRoT moves back to starting toplaner. Beast moves to midlaner. Sign leaves.
  • March (approx.), team disbands.

Player Roster




Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-03-29 CK logo.png A55th 2016 CK Spring Season 4-5-5 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2015-09-11 Ogn logo.png I1ZNQ 2016 LCK Spring Promotion 1 : 3 Incredible Miraclelogo std.png Incredible Miracle
2015-08-23 CK logo.png A11st Challengers Korea Summer 2015 Playoffs 3 : 1 ESC Everlogo std.png ESC Ever ₩ 20,000,000